Netscape Cache Control 1.0.3

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Netscape Cache Control 1.0.3

Post by Info-Mac » November 27th, 1998, 11:00 am


Netscape Cache Control 1.0.3 is a MacPerl droplet that allows users of
Netscape Navigator and Communicator to simply and easily set up and use
memory cache for those browsers. By using memory cache, as opposed to
disk cache, cached pages are stored and retrieved at the speed of memory
I/O rather than the speed of disk I/O. The performance improvement is
quite dramatic.

Since it is a MacPerl droplet, Netscape Cache Control 1.0.3 requires that
MacPerl be installed on the user's computer. Since it doesn't do anything
that hasn't been a part of MacPerl for a long time, any version of
MacPerl 5 will suffice.

The included Read Me file will tell you everything you need to know.


Jack Browning
[email protected]
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