Web Finder V3.0 - Simplify Internet searching

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Web Finder V3.0 - Simplify Internet searching

Post by Info-Mac » April 21st, 1998, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/inet/web/nt ... nder-3.hqx

Web Finder is a utility that uses Internet search engines to find anything you
like on the net, giving you your result in the front most window of your favorite
Web browser. With little or no effort you can search the net on the fly getting
results in about a quater of the time it would take with the normal hassling

Web Finder currently ships with the following Internet topic search engines:
*World Wide Web
*Macintosh File Archives
*MPEG layer 3

And of coasre with the new Web Finder Factory you can add other search engines to
Web Finder quickly and easily. System Requirements: *Apple script 1.1.2 or later.
It comes with MacOS 8.0 and later. So if you have OS 8 be fine. If not you can
download it from a site linked to Apple's Applescript page. *A MacOS compatible
computer. Preferably running MacOS 8 or later. Web Finder has only been tested on
MacOS 8 and up. It is unknown whether it will work on earlier system versions.

Scripting Additions:
*The 'Internet scripting', 'File Commands', 'Display Dialog', and 'Dialog
Director V0.6' scripting additions must be installed in the Scripting additions
folder inside your system folder. The first three are part of Applescript 1.1.2
and are installed under MacOS 8, Dialog Director comes with Web Finder. *Approx.
750kb of disk space. *400kb of Free RAM. 600kb Recommended.
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