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names - a filemaker pro database for the newton

Posted: August 14th, 1998, 9:00 am
by Info-Mac

Names is a filemaker pro databse for use with the Newton MessagePad. It is

This is a FREEWARE FilemakerPro Database for use with the Newton
MessagePad. Specifically, if you have X-Port you can export a complete copy
of your NAMES file (including MoreInfo/PowerNames data) to your desktop and
then import it into this DB.

Please feel free to modify and improve this DB, or do whatever else you
like with it. It is my hope that someone will be motivated to improve it
enough that there will finally be a decent way to store ALL your Newton
Names file data on a desktop computer.

Feel free to contact me (although I probably won't be able to answer any
technical questions) at: .

P. Kerim Friedman 8/2/98