PictDoubler (pdf files to save the newton)

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PictDoubler (pdf files to save the newton)

Post by Info-Mac » March 3rd, 1998, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/nwt/pict-doubler.hqx

More freeware to "save the newton".
This can prepare high res typeset pict files for my BanzaiReader on
newton, in particular pdf files.
Select Print2Pict in chooser and printout your typeset document.
Click on this application and the pictframes of print2pict output
pict files will double in size in new files with oldfilename plus ".picdbl"
suffix. Then you can drag these new pict files into newton press to
rasterize at double resolution. This doubling is a good rule to observe
without the jaggies on the newton. I had to do some elaborate stuff with
clarisdraw to prepare picts before.
Jennifer Deason had inspired this :
the main thing I was wondering is if you have given any thought to
developing a .PDF viewer? I have contacted adobe about possible Newton
projects, and they said they have no current plans to support the Newton. I
recieve a lot of .PDF files and skip/browse then because they are
troublesome to read on my Mac. But if I could read .PDFs on my Newton I
have plenty of time during my morning commute to thoughly read them. Have
you contacted Adobe or considered this anvenue of development?
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