Route Book 1.0 (.sit.hqx)

Software for and information about Apple's Newton Personal Digital Assistant.
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Route Book 1.0 (.sit.hqx)

Post by Info-Mac » March 25th, 1998, 11:00 am


Route Book 1.0 (23 Mar 98):
a 2.1-only (i.e., MP2K, MP2100, eMate) extension that
adds "text routing" capability to help and regular Newton books.
The text routing menu may include:
Beam, Mail, Speak Text (if Macintalk is installed).

Keywords: Newton books, routing, beam, email, Macintalk

Route Book is freeware, and may be distributed freely as long as
all of the files are included and unmodified.

Steve Weyer: [email protected]
AOL/CIS: SteveWeyer ... tscape.htm

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