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The Eye of Argon

Posted: October 20th, 1996, 9:00 am
by Info-Mac
Download: ... -argon.hqx

Attached is a Newton-Book form of the classic story "The Eye of Argon" by
Jim Theis.

This book is widely considered to be the worst book ever written -- and a
quick look at the first few paragraphs will tell you why. It's a rare
reader that can take in a single page without burst out laughing at the
sheer awfulness of the purple prose, the tortured spelling, and the
agonized adjectives.

In short, this is a work of genius, and should not be missed! Enjoy...

Technical notes: This book is distributed as a Newton package. The Newton
Backup Utility or Connection Kit is required to install it on a PDA.

Allen Gainsford
[email protected]