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Posted: April 13th, 1996, 9:00 am
by Info-Mac
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One of the benefits of using BBSs over these past years is still one of the
better reasons for visiting cyberspace. Public Domain software is of value
to the novice as well as the experienced computer user, and is often the
source of the most economical, timely and specialized programs available.
In this issue of 'BBS Bits of Interest' gives details about; SIMM Stack,
Bob's HTML Editor, Newton Modem Enabler, Mariner, DreamLight Verttice and
SimpleMerge. 'BBS Bits of Interest' is a freeware publication from
[email protected] provided as an Adobe .pdf. Non-profit,
non-commercial publications may reprint articles if full credit is given:
publication, product, and company names may be registered trademarks of
their companies. Copyright 1994-96 Seeing Specially Graphics.

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