MDJ Recap #1 (PDF)

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MDJ Recap #1 (PDF)

Post by Info-Mac » October 31st, 1996, 11:00 am


seven weeks (1996.08.12 through 1996.09.27) of the beta-test period of
MDJ, the Daily Journal for Serious Macintosh[tm] Users.

We know that not everyone can participate in our beta-test, and that not
everyone who wanted one of our free ten-issue trial subscriptions caught
some of the articles they wanted to see, so we're making this issue
available to the Macintosh community. It contains stories compiled from 18
feature articles in MDJ, including MacCyclopedia explanatory articles on
Background Printing, Extensions, Meta-Content Format, Font Substitution,
Aliases and File Kinds; two analysis articles on OpenDoc containing ActiveX
and the real story on Apple's K-12 Market Share; four "Press Watch"
articles analyzing reporting on Apple's alleged purchase of Be, the Wall
Street Journal's claimed "corporate exodus", plus analysis of columns in
the San Francisco Examiner and Houston Chronicle.

The issue also has several Macintosh Q&A segments on things like hidden
rebooting keys, plus three highly opinionated articles detaling "Seven
Serious Screw-ups" by Apple, the difficulty of keeping up appearances and a
full-blown, in-depth user-accessible technical look at why BeOS can't hold
a candle to Mac OS 8 outside of theoretical discussions (a must-read for
anyone who thinks such a swap is a good idea).

(As it contains about seven weeks worth of articles without news or
reviews, this issue is six to eight times larger than a normal daily issue.)

This file is in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat) and is fully marked up with
bookmarks, articles and Web links for every URL. It has all fonts included
for maximum readability, and for those who've previewed MDJ in the past,
features a new and much more readable two-column design that fits better on
A4 paper.

not be modified, excerpted or edited in any way without permission, nor may
it be distributed on physical media without permission. See the end of the
issue for details.
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