MDJ Recap #2 (setext)

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MDJ Recap #2 (setext)

Post by Info-Mac » February 5th, 1997, 11:00 am


1996 (1996.09.30 through 1996.10.31) of the beta-test period of MDJ, the
Daily Journal for Serious Macintosh[tm] Users.

We know that not everyone could participate in our beta-test, and that not
everyone who wanted one of our free ten-issue trial subscriptions caught
some of the articles they wanted to see, so we're making this issue
available to the Macintosh community. It contains stories compiled from 11
feature articles in MDJ, including MacCyclopedia explanatory articles on
the Macintosh's file system (explaining why you always seem to waste so
much disk space), followed by in-depth looks at the history of fonts, the
QuickDraw imaging system, and how printing *really* works. There's also
analysis on Mac OS clone pricing and feared "price wars," and an exclusive
look at the oft-reported press stories saying "Macintosh software sales are
down" when the reporting agency revises their figures later to indicate
sales may be up *more than 50%!*

The issue also has several Macintosh Q&A segments on things like font style
linking and using PICT files in desktop publishing programs, plus a highly
opinionated article on examining the consequences of your decisions before
you take actions.

This file is setext format, and is best viewed through an setext viewer
such as Easy View due to its size. If you'd like to mimic the print/PDF
version (also available), set your styles so that "Hot" is bold-italic, and
underscore is italic. Our setext formatter uses _underlines_ for words
that are emphasized with italics in the PDF version, to avoid

not be modified, excerpted or edited in any way without permission, nor may
it be distributed on physical media without permission. See the end of the
issue for details.
Matt Deatherage
GCSF, Incorporated
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