My Mac #17, Sept. 1996

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My Mac #17, Sept. 1996

Post by Info-Mac » September 25th, 1996, 9:00 am


Here is your latest subscription copy of My Mac. Hope you enjoy the read!
Some of what is inside:

MacOS 8. The latest speculation revolves around Be! Read all about it on
the "A Few Words..." page!

Cover artist Mike Gorman creates what is sure to be on of the greatest all
time Macintosh pictures. This issue is worth a look for the Cover alone!

More Tech Tips from Mac guru Jeramey Valley!

Dogcow! Dogcow! Pete Miner takes us on a journey into the history of this
piece of Apple history.

Mike Gault debut's "The Critic" History in the making, or just another
know-it-all Mac fanatic? You decide!:-)

Top Ten wish list. What would YOU choose? Compare your answer to My Mac's

The Game Guys (Mike and Adam) review Mortal Pongbat.

Mac's At Work this month focus's on on of our very own....

Software reviewed:
World Wide Web Weaver v1.1.2
Adobe's PageMill and Claris's HomePage

Sleeper 2.0.4, The Block 1.1.1, DragThing 1.6.2, Cookie Monster 1.5.1,
Dialog View 2.2, and Plaintext.

My Mac may be included in any CD-ROM bundle. My Mac is a free publication.
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