My Mac Magazine #19, Nov. 1996

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My Mac Magazine #19, Nov. 1996

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AUTHOR: My Mac Productions
NEEDS: Your time and an interest in learning more about the Mac

My Mac Magazine is a free electronic publication dedicated to the
everyday Mac user. Tired of publications that speak to the high end user
or professional only? Tired of not being able to understand what the
writer was trying to say?Well, My Mac is written by everyday people who
work or go to school full time, enjoy their Mac's and write about them
in plain everyday language.

In this issue:
Tech Tips - Everything you need to know about maintaining your printer!

Pete Miner - This month Pete lets us know of the importance of keeping
your Mac dry. Macintosh poetry at its best!

Bits and Pieces - Grant Cassiday updates you on the latest info on the
Mac from the PC side of publishing.

My Mac's Publisher Tim Robertson discusses his idea of an "Easier
Internet" in his monthly column, MY TURN

Brian Koponen- This month's column on the Internet- Hospitality on the
Net . Looking for the sense of belonging in all the right places.

Shay Fulton- A new writer for My Mac, Shay explores the ins and outs of
finding just the right ISP to fulfill your needs.

Mike Wallinga- In his monthly column, Mike explores what to be thankful
for in the Mac universe.

Beta Car. Would you trust your life in a beta car? Tim Robertson
explores the "Beta" idea in everyday life.

The My Mac staff consists of some of the best writers in the electronic
publishing world. We enjoy our Mac's and want you to as well. If you
would be interested in writing for My Mac, or have a talent for
graphics, drop us an email message! My Mac is always looking for new
writers and reviewers. We are an equal opportunity organization!
Womenfolk, we want and need to hear from you.
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