My Mac Magazine #22

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My Mac Magazine #22

Post by Info-Mac » March 1st, 1997, 11:00 am


In this issue: With America Online in the news every other day,
publisher Tim Robertson puts his two or three cents in. (My Turn)

Pete Miner looks at PRCT! What is it? Pete's Remote Control Trucking.
Sorry PC users, it only works on a Mac! (Miner Thoughts)

Grant Cassiday explores the PC press every month. In no big surprise,
they too are talking about the Mac/NeXt deal. Find out what they think.
(Bit's and Pieces)

Macs At Work returns from editor Russ Walkowich, and he follows up on a
EvangeList posting. A very worthwhile read!

Brian Koponen on JAVA.

What is the future of the web? Brian Harnian looks at the bells and
whistles of Multimedia on the web. (Untangling The Web)

A new feature from new writer Ed Tobey called "The Senior Macintosh
Center. Got a older Mac, and starting to feel a little left out? Fear
not, Ed to the rescue!

Shay Fulton gives some Tips from a beginner on Web publishing.

Reviews: On the hardware side, Web Master Adam Karneboge reviews the
Powerbase 240 from Power Computing

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