My Mac Magazine #31

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My Mac Magazine #31

Post by Info-Mac » November 13th, 1997, 11:00 am


The November issue of My Mac Magazine is now online! Here is your copy
of the downloadable copy in DOCMaker format

Mike Gorman pokes fun at Apple interim CEO Steve Jobs with a ³Think
Different² cover. Great stuff!

Did you know that Russian president President Boris Yeltsen has
contacted our own Pete Miner? Really! So has the major of Blowdown,
Texas and the from the Vatican. You have to read it to believe it in
this issues Minor Thoughts.

A really helpful Tech Tips looks at Hard Disk Drivers. With so many Mac
users switching over to Mac OS 8, this is a topic more users should know

This months Nemo Memo asks ³AOL Reconsidered² In this world of cheap,
reliable Internet Service Providers, should users even consider America
Online? Johns writes about his personal experience.

Do you hate the Lotus Notes ³Work The Web² ad campaign? So does
Publisher Tim Robertson! But how does it match up with Apple¹s Think
Different ads? Read it in ³My Turn²

In ³The Starting Lines² Barbara Velazquez gives helpful hints on Getting
more memory without buying it, Getting rid of damaged Fonts, Emptying
folders and organizing you files, and more! Good stuff.

Mick O¹Neil¹s ³The Mac Factor² titled ³Paradigm Paralysis and the plight
of the PC in education², in which Mick explains why the Network Computer
would be a really good idea.

Reviewed in this issue:
Shrinkwrap 3.0 (Aladdin Systems)
Speed Doubler 8.0 (Connectix Corporation)
Real PC 1.0 (Insignia Solutions)
BBEdit Lite 4.0.1 (Bare Bones Software)
Online Army Knife (JEM Software)
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