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My Mac Magazine #25, May '97

Posted: May 9th, 1997, 9:00 am
by Info-Mac

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Here¹s what¹s inside: While cover artist Mike Gorman takes time off,
Alan Dingman fills in with one of the best covers to grace ANY magazine,
digital or print. A must see!

Is publisher Tim Robertson being to negative about Apple as of late? He
answers that question, but what does that have to do with the Detroit
Lions football team??? (My Turn)

How do you get everyone off of the Web site you want to visit to speed
things up for you? Pete Miner has the answer! He also searches for some
cool URL names! (Miner Thoughts)

Grant Cassiday returns to the fold with a new Bit¹s & Pieces column!
What is the PC press saying about Apple now? Leave it to Grant to find
out and tell all! (Bit¹s & Pieces)

Barbara is listening to Metallica and writing here latest column. But
don¹t worry, the heavy metal music has not changed her great writing
skill, nor the popularity of her monthly column, The Starting Line!

Brian Koponen brings us ³More On Font¹s², a continuation of last months
excellent column.

The first annual ³Macintosh Babble Special Mac Stuff Awards² is here!
What are they? Read this months ³Macintosh Babble² by Shay Fulton.

Reviews: Window Monkey 1.0  Just-A-Second French Kiss 2.1.1 Netscape
Navigator Netscape Defrost v0.9b2 Navigator Button Editor v1.2 Web
Retriever 1.0 Web Devil 1.0.1 JPEGView 3.3.1 GIFmation 2.0a3 Smart
Scroll 2.0.3 Snapz Pro 1.0.1 Global Village Internet Edition 33.6 Modem

Of course, this is only SOME of what we have in this issue. Wall
Writings, Tech Tips, A Coldar Update, and more!

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Tim Robertson Publisher, My Mac Magazine