Button Circle March/April 1996 Release

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Button Circle March/April 1996 Release

Post by Info-Mac » April 12th, 1996, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/per/oc-butt ... -96-04.hqx

This archive contains several buttons and palette's for WestCode
Software's OneClick, including:

* AudioCD Palette 1.0.1: Controls Audio CDs
* Canned Response for Emailer: Sends a canned message to someone with
Claris Emailer
* Contact the Circle: Conacts the Button Circle, WestCode, or the
OneClick-Talk mailing list
* File Duck: A simple file management utility
* IC Click: Handles drag and dropped URL's
* Load/Save Desktops: Saves/restores the desktop icon positions when
switching resolutions
* Mac Error Codes: Displays explanations of system error codes
* Mark's Button Tools: Discerns the status of active palettes and buttons
* OC-PPP-1.1: Keeps track of PPP being open or closed, and gives you some
menu options, such as checking your mail
* OCSigs: Lets you use mulitple signatures in *any* application
* PEP: Pretty Easy Privacy: Provides easy access to privacy services from
within Eudora and Eudora Pro
* OSAMenu: Keeps a universal list, and application specific list of files
or scripts that can be clicked on to launch
* Mailto: Maintains a list of names/e-mail addresses for you to call up
from any program

For more information on the button circle, see

Dan Crevier

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