Upgrading a PowerBook 5xx to PowerPC

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Upgrading a PowerBook 5xx to PowerPC

Post by Info-Mac » November 6th, 1996, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/per/planeta-mac-96-11.hqx



Os mando el numero de 10 de Planeta Mac, disfrutadlo


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This is a summary of my experience upgrading my PowerBook 520c to a PowerPC,
using the 167MHz NUpowr daughter card from Newer Technologies. Bottom line: it
works. No compatibility problems (so far!), and things run faster. However,
video-intensive tasks may not improve since the upgrade did not change video
speed at all according to "System Info 3.1" by Norton Utilities. Disk access was
slightly faster, and the CPU and FPU functions were 4x and 10x faster. I did not
try other benchmark utilities.

I am also including comments I got from some other 5xx users who have

Jerry Spangrude ([email protected])

PPC Upgrade" follows >>>>>>
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