ISO Issue#8

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ISO Issue#8

Post by Info-Mac » November 10th, 1995, 11:00 am


DATELINE: November 7th, 1995

Greetings and Happy Early Turkey Day from ISO!

This is the ISO Notification....The actual issue will follow if you are an
ISO subscriber - if not then please find ISO at the location most convenient
for downloading. For those of you who may be wondering, we have shifted
the distribution date for ISO back one day to Tuesdays every other week.

This issue brings you some good information about the Claris press
release on the Newton Companion version of FileMaker for the Newton.
We also take less of a technical approach to this issue and have some
though provoking articles that deal with information and digital publishing
with databases.

We ask you for a looping script and drop a couple of bonus files for you
to review. We also have a good piece for those of you who are trainers to
prepared students for the relational concepts found in the upcoming FM 3.0.

Jon Rosen gives some good pointers on controlling your project and
sure to make your time worth the money you get.

Announcement: We will be taking the following issue period off since it will
be the Thanksgiving Holidays and will be coming back in the first half of
December with the low down on FM 3.0. Hopefully it will be out by then!

FileMaker ISO is a I&I production. You can find ISO on all of the major
online services as well as the Internet. First year subscriptions are free
to all users of FileMaker. Here is a list of the available sites.

--ISO site--

--Claris Web--
* found in the Software Library/Solutions Showcase

* also located at your most convienent info-mac mirror site

--On AOL-- You will find ISO in the Claris area on AOL. Use the keyword
"Claris" and enter the software area. From here you want to go into the
Solutions Showcase and you will find the issues.

--On CompuServe-- You will find ISO in the Claris Support area for
FileMaker Pro.

--Subscriptions-- ISO is sent out as an attachment to subscribed readers
of the magazine. With subscription notification you are also entitled to
occasional "extras" that ISO sends out.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or suggestions please
feel free to contact us at

ISO is Copyright (C) 1995 by I&I Productions
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