ISO Issue #9 Notification

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ISO Issue #9 Notification

Post by Info-Mac » December 13th, 1995, 11:00 am


DATELINE: December 12th, 1995

Greetings and Merry Christmas ISO!

This issue we jump into some of the issues related to making your
files into demo versions. We also help you with understanding what
anti-aliasing is and how to use it effectively in your interfaces.

Bob Cusick of Working Solutionz talks about how indexing works
in FileMaker and how to best understand it.

We also take an Up Close & Personal look at the new FileMaker 3.0.
You will find a follow up article about database publishing and
the effect it has on us all and to top it off we give you a
BONUS Loop.FM File.

Finally we offer you some very valuable information that deal with
defining your buttons.

FileMaker ISO is an I&I production. You can find ISO on all of the major
online services as well as the Internet. First year subscriptions are free
to all users of FileMaker. Here is a list of the available sites.

--ISO site--

--Claris Web--
* found in the Software Library/Solutions Showcase

* also located at your most convienent info-mac mirror site

--On AOL-- You will find ISO in the Claris area on AOL. Use the keyword
"Claris" and enter the software area. From here you want to go into the
Solutions Showcase and you will find the issues.

--On CompuServe-- You will find ISO in the Claris Support area for
FileMaker Pro.

--Subscriptions-- ISO is sent out as an attachment to subscribed readers
of the magazine. With subscription notification you are also entitled to
occasional "extras" that ISO sends out.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or suggestions please
feel free to contact us at

ISO is Copyright (C) 1995 by I&I Productions
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