ISO Issue#10 Notify & Attchment

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ISO Issue#10 Notify & Attchment

Post by Info-Mac » January 18th, 1996, 11:00 am


Due to MacWorld Expo this past week we had to bump the issue back
day. Hopefully you have been anticipating the information that we have
back with.

This issue we cover some of the HOT new STATUS functions in 3.0 and
you a full blown BONUS file from one of our contributors. We also give you
some more in-depth hints about your interface design.

Jon Rosen covers some issues related to printing invoices in the new
and there are some other tidbits of information covering undocumented
tips and tricks in 3.0

Finally to round things up you will find some powerful information
using colors in your databases and to top that off we highlight
everything that
we found useful and interesting at MacWorld Expo '96.

FileMaker ISO is a I&I production. You can find ISO on all of the major
online services as well as the Internet. First year subscriptions are free
to all users of FileMaker. Here is a list of the available sites.

--ISO site--

--Claris Web--
* found in the Software Library/Solutions Showcase
URL = ... akerPro_IS

* also located at your most convenient info-mac mirror site. Here we have
own directory called ISO in the periodicals section found at the popular
Info-Mac site.

--On AOL-- You will find ISO in the Claris area on AOL. Use the keyword
"Claris" and enter the software area. From here you want to go into the
Solutions Showcase and you will find the issues.

--On CompuServe-- You will find ISO in the Claris Support area for
FileMaker Pro.

--SUBSCRIPTIONS-- ISO is sent out as an attachment to subscribed readers
of the magazine. With subscription notification you are also entitled to
occasional "extras" that ISO sends out. If you
then please copy the above, paste into an email message and send it to us.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or suggestions please
feel free to contact us at

ISO is Copyright (C) 1995 by I&I Productions
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