ISO Issue Release - #13

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ISO Issue Release - #13

Post by Info-Mac » May 29th, 1996, 9:00 am


And on to all of the good stuff you have been waiting for. This
archive is a hefty one. Weighing in at 700+K you will find a lot of
good stuff in this ISO release. We're still supporting 2.0 and have
also gone 3.0!

First off, we've got the ISO 3.0 Browser ready and usable. We have
left this one open and you will find many super new tricks that take
FM3 to the max. Oh, and the articles are good too!

We cover a lot of AppleScripting in this issue. Bob Cusick of
Clickware brings you two articles about learning some ins and outs of
using FileMaker and AppleScript on the Macintosh. And we back that up
with even MORE information about FileMaker and AppleScript.

You'll find some good information about what is going on in the world
of FileMaker and ISO as well as some grudges that ISO has against the
recently announce FileMaker Challenge by Claris Corp.

An ISO reader writes in with an article about converting files from
2.0. And we tease you with some information on setting up user stored
searches that you can select from popup menus and perform frequently.

All this and tons more that we'll let you read for yourself.

FileMaker ISO is an I&I production. You can find ISO on all of the
major online services as well as the Internet. ISO offers two forms of
subscriptions. Our freebie version and our power packed
"Professional Subscription" Send to [email protected] for more info.
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