ISO Issue Release - #14

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ISO Issue Release - #14

Post by Info-Mac » June 23rd, 1996, 9:00 am


Boy can a day make a difference...

Here is the good stuff we have this issue - plus some *really* good
BONUS files.

We've got our follow up article that shows you how to create user
stored searches and its accompanying BONUS file. We also go into the
basics of the Web and how it works with FileMaker.

We offer some instructional tips on how to provide good FileMaker
services. You'll also find a cool article that deals with using popups as
filtering mechanisms. Some real useful interface techniques show up with
a nice little BONUS file demonstrating how to do it.

Included for Macintosh FileMaker users is an article about Blazing
Fast AppleScript and yet another BONUS file showing off the technique.

Macintosh users will also notice that their archive is about 250K
larger than average. This is because of a very neat utility for working
with multiple windows while developing in FileMaker. It's a fully stand
alone application that helps you with productivity in FileMaker.

And last but not least we bring you the AppleScript Database shell
that is a handy collection tool for storing AppleScripts. Also a neat
learning tool!
FileMaker ISO is an I&I production. You can find ISO on all of the major
online services as well as the Internet. ISO offers two forms of
subscriptions. Our freebie version and our power packed
"Professional Subscription" Send to [email protected] for more info.

--Subscriptions-- ISO is sent out as an attachment to subscribed readers
of the magazine. With subscription notification you are also entitled to
occasional "extras" that ISO sends out.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or suggestions please
feel free to contact us at

ISO is Copyright (C) 1995 by I&I Productions
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