ISO Issue Release - #16

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ISO Issue Release - #16

Post by Info-Mac » September 12th, 1996, 9:00 am


In this issue we've got hints on being an interface craftsman, advice
on working with the Found Set as well as how to manipulate lists within

We've also got some really useful BONUS files (as always) and
encourage you to send in your tips and tricks for valuable prizes. We
announce that we are starting to compile information for the "Everything
FileMaker" ISO CD due around January Macworld time. Grab a cool trick for
reinitializing your database and much more.

>> Remember, if you are not already a paid Professional Subscriber then send
email to [email protected] and request the "Professional Subscription

--ISO site--
* a site dedicated to show casing the best FMP information we can find

--Claris Web--
* found in the Software Library/Solutions Showcase
URL = ... akerPro3/F

* also located at your most convenient info-mac mirror site. Here we have
our own directory called ISO in the periodicals section found at the
popular Info-Mac site.
or URL =

--On AOL-- You will find ISO in the Claris area on AOL.
Use the keyword "Claris" and enter the software area. From
here you want to go into the Solutions Showcase and you will
find the issues and ISO Browser. (You may need scroll down the list)

--On CompuServe-- GO CLARIS and you will find ISO in the Claris Support
area for FileMaker Pro.

--Subscriptions-- ISO is sent out as an attachment to subscribed readers
of the magazine. With subscription notification you are also entitled to
occasional "extras" that ISO sends out.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or suggestions please
feel free to contact us at
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