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Post by Info-Mac » November 28th, 1995, 11:00 am

Download: ... 97-etx.hqx

Welcome to Mac*Chat, the weekly electronic newsletter for everyone
interested in using a Macintosh computer professionally, no matter
what their situation or profession.

See the end of this file for further information, including how to get a free
subscription and how to contribute donations to keep Mac*Chat thriving.

Any [comments in brackets] are by Tony Lindsey.

Highlights Of This Issue
Editor's Notes
Let Me Introduce Myself, Part One
Terryific Tips - Easter In The Fall
Review: Carpetbag/Laserpath
Searching For Software
CPU Doubler
AOL Vs. Local Service Providers - Questions
AOL Vs. Local Service Providers - Answers, Part One
Goodie Alert!
Technical Section Starts... Here
Making The 9500 Work With TCP/IP, Part Two - Thumbs-Up On Open Transport
Apple's Software Updates Mailing List
A Question About Open Transport Modem Strings
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