MacInPlay January 1996 USA version

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MacInPlay January 1996 USA version

Post by Info-Mac » February 15th, 1996, 11:00 am

Download: ... -96-01.hqx

MacInPlay is a free e-zine in Italian and in English about Macintosh video games.
This e-zine has been created by Roberto Cattaneo and Marco Silvestri with the help of Attilio Tarabusi, Carlo Volpi, Alberto Porcu, Augusto Pirovano and Fabrizio Re Garbagnati.
MIP is out every month and it's on Info-Mac mirrors. The English version will be out 10 days after the Italian version.
It's also available on a FirstClass BBS in the north of Italy (Freedom +1139 2 70638075).

In January issue we talk about:

- Marathon 2
- Dungeon Master II
- Curse of Dragor
- Full Throttle solution

If you want to send comments and letters, please use [email protected]

The translation to English was made by Fabrizio Re Garbagnati and Roberto Cattaneo.

Game Over!
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