MIP Apr/May 1996 (ITA)

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MIP Apr/May 1996 (ITA)

Post by Info-Mac » May 31st, 1996, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/per/mip/mac ... -05-it.hqx

MacInPlay is a free e-zine in Italian and in English about Macintosh video games.

This e-zine is directed by Roberto Cattaneo with the help of Marco

Silvestri, Augusto Pirovano and Barbara Gasco. MIP is a bimonthly

e-zine and it's on Info-Mac mirrors. The English version will be out

two weeks after the Italian version.

In April/May issue we talk about:

- Interview: Eric Klein Jr., Bungie Software

- News from LucasArts

- X-Wing Collector

- Endorfun

- Barrack

- Diamonds 3D

- Tips&Tricks

If you want to send comments and letters, please use [email protected]

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