iLabel X 1.7 - label & card printing application

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iLabel X 1.7 - label & card printing application

Post by Info-Mac » July 24th, 2001, 9:00 am


The 1.7 version of iLabel has been released. iLabel is a powerful but yet
easy to use label printing application primarily aimed at producing mailing
labels, but also visit cards, enveloppes... Virtually any label format is
supported thanks to an extensive range of Avery templates as well as
advanced settings for other formats.

This new version mainly introduces support for round labels, a complete
documentation, and several bug fixes.
MacOS 8-9 and MacOS X versions of iLabel are available.

Web site :

MacOS 8/9 version:

MacOS X version:

What's new ?
- iLabel now supports round labels
- Added complete documentation and a FAQ document
- Category popup now works better in the Avery tab
- Fixed a problem with caused some saved strings to be no longer editable
after opening a file
- Several small cosmetic fixes to the user interface
- English mistake corrected (Measuring Unit)
- iLabel opens by default on the Page Layout tab
- Fixed scrolling problem in some text fields
- Fixed bug which sometimes caused an incorrect label size after opening a
- Internal code improvements for easier localization

iLabel is the perfect application for all your repetitive printing tasks,
may you want to print your business cards or the labels for your next

It can for example be used to design and print business cards, using the
integrated drawing module or by importing your work from another application
(QuickTime is used for graphic importing, so iLabel supports many different
formats such as Pict, Gif, Jpeg, Tiff, Photoshop...).

iLabel was also designed to produce mailing labels. It allows you to import
a tabulated text files, and then to select the records and fields you need.

iLabel allows you to save et reopen your favorite layouts for repetitive
printings, features an accurate printing preview, and an outstanding user
interface to let you create easily and accurately your page layouts.

$20-50 shareware

Requirements :
- PowerPC
- MacOS X 10.0 or + (also works under MacOS 9 + CarbonLib)

iLabel can be freely distributed (including on CD-Roms) as long as the
package remains complete.
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