PrinterMate.2.0 - AppleTalk Network Printer Management

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PrinterMate.2.0 - AppleTalk Network Printer Management

Post by Info-Mac » November 26th, 2000, 11:00 am


PrinterMate.2.0 - AppleTalk Network PrinterManagementPrinterMate is a Macintoshshareware application that provides a simple yet flexible method ofadministrating AppleTalk networked printers.
This is achieved by firstlyallowing the selection of a number of printers across multiplezones. The selected printers may then be sent one or more queries orcommands (which typically would comprise a PostScript program). Theresults returned by the targeted printers are displayed in a separatewindow and may optionally be processed by either writing them to afile or passing them to a user defined AppleScript which may, forinstance write then to a database.

The above process may be triggered manually or by an automatic timermechanism. That is, the user can specify that the selected printersmay be processed repeatedly allowing the accumulation of printerprofiles, reports etc. At the end of each processing run a userdefined AppleScript may be executed, thus allowing the processing ofthe accumulated results from the run.--
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