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SaveATree 1.54

Post by Info-Mac » April 16th, 2000, 9:00 am


Save A Tree by Michael S. Engber is a free text file printing utility
designed to conserve paper by printing on 1 page what would normally use 2
or 4 pages.

Since Save A Tree only handles "TEXT" files, the author expected its
primary audience to be programmers printing source code. The word wrap
option makes it useful for general text printing too. Copies of the source
(THINK C) may [could??] be obtained for $20 and a disk w/SASE.

I regularly print mailing lists and newsgroup messages (saved and appended
to a file with MT-NewsWatcher) with Save A Tree. "MailConverter" can strip
off redundant headers from newsgroup messages making the file considerably

I've noticed that sometimes when there is no printer selected in the
Chooser, Save A Tree doesn't issue any error message -- selecting a printer
has cured this for me. I guess Save A Tree stores its preferences inside
the application which rarely requires one to reinstall a fresh copy of Save
A Tree if its prefs get corrupted.

I hope you like it -- it has saved me tons of paper, ink and time.
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