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ROOTLOCS 5.8.2 - a Root Locus plotting program

Posted: March 29th, 2011, 12:22 pm
by Info-Mac

ROOTLOCS 5.8.2 - a Root Locus plotting program

Program Description
ROOTLOCS is an easy to use program for plotting Root Locus diagrams of linear control systems. Given the positions in the complex plane of the open loop poles and zeros of a system, ROOTLOCS plots the loci of the system's closed loop poles as the gain of the system is increased indefinitely starting from zero.

ROOTLOCS can handle systems with up to 20 poles and 20 zeros and can accommodate both continuous and sampled data systems. Furthermore it can accept both positive and negative gain loops, as also those incorporating a time delay element. Other noteworthy features include:
  • tools for finding the root locus gain, damping, transient response
    and frequency response of the system at any point on the locus
  • graphical addition, deletion and re-positioning of poles & zeros
    with the mouse
An outstanding feature of the program is its speed : on a reasonably fast machine the root locus diagram of a system with the full complement of 20 poles and 20 zeros is generated in less than a second.

System Requirements
The present file is the Carbon (Mac OS X ) version of the application. Versions for Mac OS 9 (Classic) and for “Windows” PC’s can be downloaded from :