Curvz Builder 1.0.2 - graph maker

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Curvz Builder 1.0.2 - graph maker

Post by Info-Mac » February 28th, 2004, 11:00 am


Curvz Builder 1.0.2 - graph maker with calculation & drawing tools

Submission to Science_&_Math

Curvz Builder
... is a Mac shareware program for high quality x,y graphs.
... features immediate plotting of imported data.
... is a graphically oriented plotting program with drawing facilities.
... provides data-sheets with calculator for easy data manipulation and
... can generate plots from arithmetic expressions that may include
elementary functions.
... has a mathematically oriented text string editor.
... has a magnification tool for visual inspection of various details of
the plotted curves.
... can produce smooth curves from few data points.
... utilizes high resolution printing (e.g. spline curves on PostScript
Laser Writers).

The graph itself is the central item in the user interface of Curvz
Builder. Various tools for data handling - including data sheets and
calculator - are activated only when needed.

One can copy a table of data from, for example, a spread sheet program
or a text editor and paste it into a plot window. Curvz Builder then
plots the data as curves without any further action of the user. Curvz
Builder can import tables of data from a TEXT file directly into a plot
and immediately produce the curve(s). Optionally one may import, enter
or create the data in a data-sheet window of Curvz Builder and then plot
the curve(s) by simply pressing a button.

Curvz Builder treats each curve, frame of reference, scale or axis label
as an individual graphical object which can be changed, copied and
pasted. Various graphical elements can be added and modified with the
drawing tools.

Curvz Builder makes an effort to produce a visually appealing plot, but
you may change virtually all details of the plot to suit your needs.

System requirement:
Mac OS 9 or earlier.

Product page:

[email protected]
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