Keep-It-Up-X 3.3

Goodies to adjust the look and feel of your system. Color control, menu & scroll bar & button details, window control, keyboard shortcuts, icon/ppat/curs tools, clipboard extension, app launchers, macro makers, ballon help managers, Finder customization. User interface info.
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Keep-It-Up-X 3.3

Post by Info-Mac » August 25th, 2004, 9:00 am


Keep-It-Up-X version 3.3

Keep-It-Up-X (KIU-X) is designed to keep your Macintosh server up and running.
KIU relaunches applications that crash, it can restart the Mac on a
regular basis and it can monitor free disk space. It also
allows you to remotely manage and monitor your Mac (server) using a

The primary function of KIU-X is to automatically relaunch applications if
for some reason they stop running (crashes, accidental quits,...).
KIU-X can also restart your Mac on a regular basis to reduce memory

For remote management purposes, KIU has a tiny and very fast
"embedded" webserver that allows you to remotely perform many
functions such as: restarting the mac; view, kill or restart running
applications; launch applications; run Applescripts; view logfiles
generated by applications ...

KIU-X can send e-mail messages to you, actively alerting you of certain
events such as : free disk space falls below a certain
preset level; an application gets relaunched; KIU restarts the Mac ...

KIU is $22 shareware (Kagi).
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