MacroKey version 3.0

Goodies to adjust the look and feel of your system. Color control, menu & scroll bar & button details, window control, keyboard shortcuts, icon/ppat/curs tools, clipboard extension, app launchers, macro makers, ballon help managers, Finder customization. User interface info.
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MacroKey version 3.0

Post by Info-Mac » April 1st, 2004, 11:00 am


MacroKey is a text macro generator.
Assign a Calling Key to the macro (any keystroke you wish).
Define the Answer (any text or keybord command).
Each time you hit the Calling Key, MacroKey types the Answer for you.
Works in in any application/document.
MacroKey is a native Cocoa application and Kernel extension (OS X only).
MacroKey is free.

In version 2.0 you can run AppleScript and Unix scripts of your own.
You can then open documents and applications, open modem connections
and launch your favorite Web browser with a single keystroke.

Version 2.1 added delay to special keys like french accentuate letter
and fixed the control-shift-esc "key up" bug to manually record a macro
(without window interface).

Version 2.2 improved the MacroKey Installer and fixed a bug that
prevented a
macro with script to be saved correctly.

Version 2.3 added KeyCoder application and changed the way the MacroKey
Installer worked.
Fix an Installer button bugs and add progress animation in the

Version 3.0 added 10.3 (Panther) compatibility, French language,
unllimited number of number of true
clipboards, and many other tools.
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