Five Space Age Desktop Photos

Icon, cursor and desktop pattern resources to decorate your environment.
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Five Space Age Desktop Photos

Post by Info-Mac » August 11th, 2000, 9:00 am

Download: ... esktop.hqx

Five "Space Age" desktop photos for your Mac created by James Kass.
High-quality, .jpg files so windows people can use them too.

All created using Bryce 4 and iMac DVSE.

Feel free to distribute, as long as you keep all copyright markings at the
bottom of the page.

May be included on all CD-ROMs with the condition I be sent a complimentary
copy. Email me at [email protected] for mailing address.

And by all means, please email me any comments.

James Kass - [email protected]
AIM: JamesKass
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