Kaleidesktop Patterns

Icon, cursor and desktop pattern resources to decorate your environment.
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Kaleidesktop Patterns

Post by Info-Mac » May 7th, 1997, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/gui/grf/kal ... tterns.hqx

Kaleidesktop Patterns is a compliment to the great program
Kaleidoscope . I loved Kaleidoscope from the moment I installed it
except for one thing, none of my desktop patterns seemed to match the
different color schemes very well . So I created Desktop patterns to
match each of the different Kaleidoscope 1.5 color schemes. Hope you
like them.


Requires the Desktop Patterns control panel (System 7.5 or greater)

1. Open the Kaleidoscope control panel and select a color scheme you
want. 2. Open the Desktop Patterns control panel. 3. Open the
Kaleidesktop Patterns folder, Drag & Drop the matching clipping onto
the Desktop Patterns window, then click the "set pattern" button. 4.
That's all folks.
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