Icon Arranger v2.0

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Icon Arranger v2.0

Post by Info-Mac » August 6th, 2004, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/gui/icon/ic ... ger-20.hqx

Icon Arranger
Version 2.0

Icon Arranger is a Shareware utility program that can be used
to arrange Mac Desktop Finder icons in their containing windows
and clean-up icon placement.

Icon Arranger descends down a directory and all of it's subdirectories
and arranges icons with a greater "Kind" control than the Finder
provides. It was written in Objective-C Cocoa and compiled on Mac
OS X version 10.3.

To use the program, navigate to a folder that you wish to clean-
up in the table at the left. Once you have chosen a valid folder,
you can scan the folder for it's available file types with the
"Scan For Available Kinds" button. This will list all the different
file types inside of a folder. Drag the file types from the middle
table to the table at the far right in any order of your choosing.
Once you decided on the file type order you want, press the
"Arrange Icons" button. Pressing the "Arrange Icons" button
launches an AppleScript that will switch to the Finder and begin
arranging the icons of the chosen folder in the order you

Tip: After arranging a folder with many subdirectories, you
can close all of the windows at once in the Finder by
clicking any Finder window's close button while holding down
the option key.

Note: Arranging a folder with more than 5000 files in it will
prompt a warning and cancel the arrangement operation.

Note: If you do not have write permission on a directory you
wish to arrange, the script will function fine but the arrangement
that takes place may not stay set, as the .DS_Store file will
not be updated.

If you like the program or use it frequently you may register
your copy at http://www.kagi.com/.

The current version of Icon Arranger is 1.3 and may always
be downloaded at:

http://homepage.mac.com/niteowl69/.cv/n ... t-link.sit

Questions, comments, bugs?
Email: [email protected]

Release history:

¥ 2004.08.01 Version 2.0

- Complete re-write of the AppleScript to implement an
improved algorithm to snap folders into their places
with greater eficacy and speed.

¥ 2004.07.15 Version 1.3

- Added a button to simply open a folder and recursively
descend down it's subdirectories opening each without
arranging the folder's icons.

- Fixed "memory leak" created when lauching the

¥ 2004.07.01 Version 1.2

- Added built-in "Help" book with usage directions and
tips on icon arrangement.

- Improved Finder drag-n-drop support to launch the
program in a directory or update the current directory

¥ 2004.06.15 Version 1.1

- Added "File Information" and "Current Permissions"
informational view to describe the current target
directory or file.
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