Kineticon 2.0.3 - animated icons on your desktop!

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Kineticon 2.0.3 - animated icons on your desktop!

Post by Info-Mac » March 28th, 2001, 11:00 am


Kineticon brings your Mac's motionless icons to life!

Kineticon replaces normal, static icons on your Macintosh's desktop
and in its windows with chosen animated icons

Kineticon is fully configurable, allowing you to choose which icons
should animate simply by enabling them

Kineticon allows you to create custom animations which can be made to
appear in place of any icon displayed by your Macintosh

With Kineticon you will have THE COOLEST hard drive icon on your block!
With Kineticon you will have THE CUTEST trash can icon in your neighborhood!

And remember, if you don't like the included animations, you can
easily make your own or download any of hundreds available at our web

Changes in version 2.0.3 from 1.7.2:
* Kineticon Editor has be renamed to, simply, "Kineticon"
* Kineticon (Editor)'s user interface has been greatly simplified
* It is no longer necessary to copy and paste icons in the Finder -
Kineticon now handles this for you
* Got rid of the "Kines (Disabled)" folder. All kines are now stored
in the "Kines" folder, whether enabled or not
* Other minor bug fixes

System requirements:
* 68K and PowerPC Macs supported
* System 7.5 or higher (not Mac OS X - please be patient, it's a big job)
* Color
* Free RAM: at least 300K. More RAM is needed depending on how many
animating icons are enabled
* 2 MB of hard drive space (for the extension, Kineticon and
animating icon files)

This is a fully-working, 14-day, trial version which is converted to
the full version with a license code

For more information, please read the enclosed READ ME file.
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