Tile-iT 2.7.0

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Tile-iT 2.7.0

Post by Info-Mac » April 17th, 2001, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/gui/icon/ti ... ns-270.hqx

Tile-iT Icons is an application that use the custom Icons of System 7.X
to display pictures or text on the desktop or in any windows. Tile-iT
takes any PICT from the clipboard, break it into 'Tiles', convert those
to icons, assign those icons to documents and finally arrange those
documents so that they touch each other. In other words, a Tile-iT
frame of 3 x 3 icons is composed of 9 documents each having a custom
icon representing a portion of the original picture.

Version 2.7 introduce auto masking and gradual transparency. These two
options are close to magic. There easy to setup and are very user
You can also apply a transparent filter globally on ALL the tiles

Tile-it use 32 bits 'icns' resources so that you can display pictures in

thousand and millions of colors.
Tile-it is also the most userfriendly of these kind of application.
**No other applications in its class is as easy to use **.
You must try it to believe it.

The perfect companion for CD burners and shareware developers or
just for the fun of it.

This is a major update and a lot of bugs have been fixed. There is a
rebuild option available in case you loose the alignment of the tiles.
This has been tested up to PowerPc G4 running MacOS 9.1. It needs MacOS
7.1 to run properly.
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