Palm Buddy 1.0; Finder-like interface to the PalmPilot

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Palm Buddy 1.0; Finder-like interface to the PalmPilot

Post by Info-Mac » July 17th, 1998, 9:00 am


Palm Buddy is a backup and install management tool for Mac OS users with
Palm Computing Platform handhelds (Pilot, PalmPilot, Palm III, IBM WorkPad,
etc.). Its main goal is to provide for live browsing, backup, install and
on-the-fly conversion of PalmOS databases. Palm Buddy runs with its own
communication mechanisms, eliminating the need to use HotSync to install and
backup software. Using Palm Buddy brings the following benefits:

€ Easy backup management. Simply use drag-and-drop or the Full Backup
command to back up all of your Palm handheld's databases, including the
databases for the built-in applications.
€ Automatic hierarchization both when browsing the Palm handheld contents
and when doing a backup. All databases coming with an application are stored
in a specific folder carrying the application name.
€ Easy install. Just drop Palm databases and application in the handheld
window to install them without running HotSync.
€ On the fly conversion. Plug-ins allow for on-the-fly file conversion. For
example, the software ships with an AportisDoc plug-in that automatically
converts text or text files dropped in the handheld window to AportisDoc
databases and sends them to the Palm handheld.
€ Easy toggle of backup bits. Double-click any Palm database in the handheld
window to change its backup bit.

Palm Buddy runs on any Macintosh computer with Mac OS 7.5 minimum.

Palm Buddy is a $20 shareware and can be downloaded from:

Author: Florent Pillet, [email protected]
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