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Info-Mac Digest V18 #111

Post by Info-Mac » August 23rd, 2001, 1:30 am

Subject: Info-Mac Digest V18 #111
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Info-Mac Digest Thu, 23 Aug 01 Volume 18 : Issue 111

Today's Topics:

[*] Circles 1.2 for MacOS X - a simple game
[*] APC Tracker 1.0 - APCUPSd client for MacOS
[*] EnglishLeagueManager
[*] Extension Overload v5.9
[*] iGetter Download Manager for MacOS X
[*] iGetter Download Manager PR1.3
[*] Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk (info-mac submission)
[*] StyleMaster 2.0
[*] TidBITS#593/20-Aug-01
[*] Word Square Builder 3.2 : word search puzzle builder

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Date: 21 Aug 2001
From: Jochen Pier
Subject: [*] Circles 1.2 for MacOS X - a simple game

Circles is a simple game for MacOS X, written in Cocoa.

The goal is to fill the circles in the upper half of the game - window with
circle segments. It is a little bit Tetris like - but just some more

I hope you like it

Jochen Pier

Version 1.2 can change the game principle (look)

([email protected] -

[Archived as /info-mac/game/arc/circles-121-x.hqx; 361 K]


Date: 22 Aug 2001
From: Frederik Seiffert
Subject: [*] APC Tracker 1.0 - APCUPSd client for MacOS

I have uploade the file APC Tracker 1.0.sit.hqx to the FTP server.

The equinux APC Tracker is a APCUPS compatible client application, that
powers off a Macintosh client computer regularly once power is
interrupted. When starting up, the application connects to a APCUPS
network server (mostly under Linux/Windows), that is directly connected
to the UPS. The server sends a signal to the client in case of a power
failure. This is a fully-functional demo until you register.

Requirements: Mac OS 8.5 or higher or Mac OS X 10.0 or higher

Email: [email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/cfg/apc-tracker-10.hqx; 1764 K]


Date: 21 Aug 2001
From: TigaByte Software
Subject: [*] EnglishLeagueManager

English league Manager v1.03 replaces all earlier versions.

English League Manager is a shareware soccer management game.

ELM allows you to manage a team within the English league. The ultimate aim is to win the Premier Championship and both the FA and League Cups within the same season.

* Manage a team from one of the 4 main English Divisions using over 90 screens.
* Play three types of game - Standard, Manager's, and Custom.
* Over 4000 players in 124 clubs: - up to 25 players in squad & up to 25 in reserves.
* Player roles - goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward.
* Players have 17 attributes:.
* Moving match play allowing substitutes,injuries, corners,free kicks, red cards.
* Match animation is 2D but hidden simulation uses 3D space for ball.
* The ability to change formation and general tactics during a match.
* Training ground for practicing corner and free kick tactics.
* Tactical screens for planning defensive and offensive formations.
* Player ageing and retirements - skill varies with age.
* Financial control of the club including loans, sponsorships and match advertising.
* Buy and sell players on the transfer market, and browse any club.
* Player contracts and renegotiations.
* Ground development for increasing crowd capacity.
* On screen help system.
* Editor for creating custom scenarios with registered version.

* 68030 or later, 68040 recommended, an FPU is NOT required.
* 3.7MB free RAM - on older Macs with 8 bit colour.
* 5.0MB free RAM - on newer Macs with 16 bit colour.
* 640x480 at 256 colour screen
* OS7.1 or above - (OSX - I simply don't know)

This English League Manager demo may be freely included on CDROMs.

Malcolm:- [email protected]

TigaByte Software, 19th August 2001.

TigaByte Software

[Archived as /info-mac/game/english-league-manager.hqx; 1217 K]


Date: 22 Aug 2001
From: Teng Chou Ming
Subject: [*] Extension Overload v5.9

Announcing the release of Extension Overload v5.9

Extension Overload is an extensions, control panels, control strip modules and contextual menus management application. It offers detail information of 5100 extensions and control panels, control strip modules and contextual menu items in your system. It also lets you activate and deactivate them, so that you can always easily tailor your system to your current requirements. In addition, Extension Overload includes a useful collection of helpful information and tidbits.

New features in v5.9
* Compatible with Mac OS 9.2!
* Now with definitions of 5100 extensions, control panels, CSM and CMM, up from 4900 previously.
* More URLs and emails have been updated.
* Better support for non English Mac OS.
* Updated version history for many extensions, control panels, CSM and CMM.
* Added code to make memory management more robust. Now tries to quit gracefully if it runs out of memory.
* Added code to about box to show memory usage.
* Added code to stop aliases and invisible files from making it into the reports.
* Added code to fix a potential problem with ObjectSupportLib if a user has placed a folder there to do the fix themselves.
* Added Cmd-W to close windows.
* Shows database size in main window.
* Added markers in windows to show when a more recent version of an extension is available.
* Found and fixed the bug that cause 5.8.x to crash on some Mac OS 8 & 8.1 systems?
* Updated database to include more items.

You can download the latest version from any info Mac site or

System Requirements.
Min. System..: 7 on up through Mac OS 9.2
Min. Hardware: Mac with 601 or newer processor
Shareware....: $29
Author.......: Teng Chou Ming & Peter Hardman
email address: [email protected]
Home Page....:

[Archived as /info-mac/cfg/extension-overload-59.hqx; 1680 K]


Date: 21 Aug 2001
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] iGetter Download Manager for MacOS X

iGetter is download utility for MacOS and MacOS X! It is excellent utility
for files that you want to download immediately or later.
iGetter gives you convenience and ease in downloading on the Internet. It
has many useful functions like resuming broken downloads, queue filtering by
various criterions, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods,
reconnecting modems, hang up and shut down when the downloads are done.

Web Site:

Pre Release 1.3

System Requirements:
- Power Macintosh
- Mac OS X v10.0 or later

iGetter pre releases are free for download and use.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/igetter-pr-13-x.hqx; 1721 K]


Date: 21 Aug 2001
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] iGetter Download Manager PR1.3

New in iGetter PR1.3 version:

iGetter PR1.3 contains a number of enhancements and improvements over
version PR1.1. Most notably are:

- Included three types of queue filters that automatically show downloads in
accordance with various criterions.
- Included possibility for multiple selections in the queue to perform group
operations over file downloads.
- Improved interface of the Preferences window.
- Fixed bugs.

iGetter PR1.3 is now also available for MacOS X as well as MacOS 7.5.3
through MacOS 9.x.

iGetter is download manager for MacOS and MacOS X!
iGetter is download utility that gives you convenience and ease in
downloading on the Internet. Behind its pleasant interface is hidden
powerful download engine. iGetter has many useful functions like resuming
broken downloads, Internet browsers integration (only in the version for
MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x), queue filtering by various criterions, scheduling
downloads for low traffic periods, reconnecting modems, hang up and shut
down when the downloads are done.

Web Site:

Pre Release 1.3

Release date:

System Requirements:
- Power Macintosh
- Works under Mac OS 7.5.3 - 9.x
- OpenTransport 1.1 or better

iGetter pre releases are free for download and use.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/igetter-pr-13.hqx; 1562 K]


Date: 21 Aug 2001
From: Andrew Tomazos
Subject: [*] Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk (info-mac submission)

# Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk

# These release notes were written by
# Andrew Tomazos on the 16th of August, 2001.

# Home Page:
# Author Email:

# This unlicensed evaluation version will be available until 1st
# October, 2001.

Interarchy is award-winning Internet file transfer software for the
Macintosh. It enables a Macintosh user to access files on other
computers over the Internet. Interarchy uses the standard Internet
protocols FTP and HTTP, so Interarchy can access files on virtually
any type of computer or device.

Version 5.0 introduces a major new feature called FTP Disk. This
feature allows you to access files on frequently-used servers with
any application in exactly the same way you access files on your hard
drive. Furthermore, an FTP Disk gives you instant access to files
even over a slow connection or while offline. It requires no
proprietary software on the remote computer, as it works via the
standard FTP protocol. The FTP Disk feature makes the process of
accessing an FTP server automatic, transparent and easy.

Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk runs natively on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 or
Mac OS 8.

Interarchy was formerly known as Anarchie.

Further release notes can be found in the archive.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/interarchy-50.hqx; 2830 K]


Date: 22 Aug 2001
From: John Allsopp
Subject: [*] StyleMaster 2.0

Style Master 2.0 is not just a beefed up text editor. It's built from
the ground up as a specialized style sheets IDE (integrated
development environment).
Style Master is as well suited to web developers with little or no
exposure to style sheets, as to style sheets experts.

For those starting out with style sheets, Style Master comes with
* an intuitive interface for editing every aspect of a style sheet,
from the most basic properties to the most complex @rules, with point
and click simplicity. No syntax or tricky keywords to learn or
* integrated custom info on every aspect of CSS, just a click away
* complete, detailed browser compatibility info for all major CSS
supporting browsers, including Netscape 6, Opera 5, and Internet
Explorer 6 for Windows
* comprehensive style sheets documentation

For the established style sheets developer, Style Master is a
complete development environment for working with style sheets. Its
editors for statements, @rules and properties aren't toys, but
productivity enhancers, ensuring correct syntax, eliminating typos,
and helping develop and deploy style sheets more quickly and
correctly. Built in browser compatibility info ensures you avoid the
frustrations of making your style sheets work across all browsers.

New features in this version include
* customizable color coded syntax
* powerful find and replace
* support for WAP 2.0 (the CSS3 Mobile Profile and XHTML Basic selectors)
* importing HTML documents to create style sheets

This download is a fully featured 30 day demo.

Style master require a PowerMac running MacOS 8 or higher (runs in
classic on MacOS X) and a minumum of 4MB of RAM for the application.

Style Master costs for US$29.00, or $49.00 for the Pro version.

[Archived as /info-mac/text/html/style-master-20.hqx; 2663 K]


Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 21:00:00 -0700
From: TidBITS Editors
To: [email protected], [email protected],
Subject: [*] TidBITS#593/20-Aug-01


Tired of dealing with a plethora of phone numbers? Read to see how
Adam and Tonya have rethought personal voice communications in
Ithaca; perhaps you can simplify your telephone life. For those
searching for the perfect place to store snippets of text, Matt
Neuburg looks at three programs readers have recommended. In the
news, Palm buys Be, the SpamCon Foundation launches, and we note
the releases of Netscape 6.1 and Interarchy 5.0.

Rejiggering Personal Voice Communications
Three Simple Snippet Keepers

[Archived as /info-mac/per/tb/tidbits-593.etx; 34K]


Date: 22 Aug 2001
From: scattersoft
Subject: [*] Word Square Builder 3.2 : word search puzzle builder

Word Square Builder is a PPC Mac program for building word search puzzles
where interlocking words are hidden in a grid of letters. It allows the user
to enter, save and reuse word lists, control the size and shape of the
puzzle, flow the puzzle around irregularly shaped pictures, control the font
and letter spacing, select the characters that may appear in the puzzle,
select the directions in which words are permitted to run, print puzzles and
puzzle solutions, and export puzzles as graphics files for use in DTP or on
the web.

Version 3.2 (21 August 2001) adds several new features to the program,
including the ability to enter and print clues, hidden text and fixed

The software is shareware and may be distributed (unregistered) on CD-ROM.
The software is for Mac OS 7.5 or higher and QuickTime 3.0 or better. Some
functions are not available without QuickTime 4.0 or better.

[Archived as /info-mac/game/word/word-square-builder-32.hqx; 2425 K]



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