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Info-Mac Digest V18 #112

Post by Info-Mac » August 29th, 2001, 1:30 am

Subject: Info-Mac Digest V18 #112
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Info-Mac Digest Wed, 29 Aug 01 Volume 18 : Issue 112

Today's Topics:

[*] QuickTTest 1.8
[*] ramBunctious 1.6.2J - Japanese Version
[*] Shift Key Suite v1.0.6
[*] StyleMaster 2.0.1
[*] TidBITS#594/27-Aug-01
[*] V&N Lookup 1.4.2 - dictionary, spellchecker, word-translator
[*] V&N Lookup 1.4.3 - dictionary, spellchecker, word-translator
[*] Verbs & Nouns 2.4.9 - foreign language learning
Beige G3 SVGA connection problem
Multiple Users and Internet Locator Files
Two questions
zip drive not working

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Date: 23 Aug 2001
From: Steve Ashcroft
Subject: [*] QuickTTest 1.8

QuickTTest is a statistical programme for carrying out Student's t-test
and calculating means, SDs, and SEMs. Its main advantage over other
programmes is the ability to enter data on which to carry out the t-test
not only as individual values but also as previously calculated mean SD
or mean SEM.

Version 1.8 corrects an error in the way in which QuickTTest carries out
a preliminary comparison (F-test) of the variances of samples to be
tested in order to decide whether to use the approximate t-test. This
version should replace the previously submitted version (QuickTTest 1.7)
in the archives. (The most appropriate Directory is the Statistics
directory (not the Calculator directory in which QuickTTest 1.7 was

The programme runs on any Mac using any System up to and including
System 9.1.

QuickTTest 1.8 is freeware.

[Archived as /info-mac/sci/calc/quick-ttest-18.hqx; 57 K]


Date: 23 Aug 2001
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] ramBunctious 1.6.2J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the ramBunctious package.

ramBunctious is a blazing fast and feature rich Mac OS RAM disk application.

Its rich set of features lets you customize your RAM disks for your
desired balance of speed, security, safety, and versatility.

* ramBunctious 1.6.2 supports Mac OS 8.6 through Mac OS 9.2. If you need
a version that works on older operating systems (or 68K machines), you
can use ramBunctious 1.5. Contact for the Japanese

- You can have several RAM disks mounted simultaneously, limited only
by memory available.
- ramBunctious has a "write-through" option. When activated, everything
written to the RAM disk is saved to a (real) file. This means that
the next time you mount the RAM disk, all the contents are still
there. This helps protect against data loss in the event of a crash
or power failure.
- ramBunctious uses normal application memory. This means that when
you're done using a RAM disk, that memory is available for other
applications to use. In other words, you don't have to reboot to
reclaim the memory.
- Each RAM disk may be configured to be mounted automatically during
the computer's startup process.
- These options, and more, are fully user-configurable for each RAM
disk via a status/settings window. In addition to the settings, the
status window includes LED-like access indicators that flash when the
RAM disk is being read from or written to.
- ramBunctious is fully AppleScriptable.

ramBunctious 1.6.2 includes several bug fixes:

* Some RAM-only RAM disks would write out large data files to the hard drive.
This was corrected.
* Colored themes are now enabled for RAM disk settings window.
* Fixed conflicts with a couple third party utilities to eliminate cosmetic problems.
* Other miscellaneous cosmetic fixes.

[Archived as /info-mac/disk/rambunctious-162-jp.hqx; 398 K]


Date: 26 Aug 2001
From: Marc Mennigmann
Subject: [*] Shift Key Suite v1.0.6

Iserlohn, Germany -- Aug 25, 2001 -- Marc Mennigmann today announced
the release of the "Shift Key Suite" v1.0.6, a powerful collection of
applications to extend the functionality of password protection systems
for Macintosh computers. v1.0.6 adds compatibility for the MacOS up to

Why Do I Want To Disable The Shift Key?

Holding down the Shift key when launching your Macintosh will prevent
all extensions to load at start-up. This is an interesting feature when
you have start-up crashes from incompatible extensions and control-

However, if your system is running smooth, you may want to protect your
computer with a password protection or a similar application/extension.
Most password protections for the Mac are extensions or controlpanels.
Therefore you can simply bypass them when holding down the Shift key at

This is where the "SKS" comes in. It gives you the option to disable the
Shift key only for the start-up time. After your Mac booted, the Shift
key works as it always worked when you worked with your Mac.

The "Shift Key Suite" is US$5 shareware. It is available from Marc
Mennigmann's web site and all major Macintosh
shareware archives and ftp sites. The "Shift Key Suite" is free for all
registered users of the Macintosh password protection THE BLOCK.

System Requirements: Any Apple Macintosh or clone running MacOS System
7.0 or later.

What's New?
v1.0.6 adds compatibility for the MacOS 9.2 and 9.2.1. All systems since
MacOS 7.0 are supported now.

[Archived as /info-mac/cfg/shift-key-suite-106.hqx; 154 K]


Date: 24 Aug 2001
From: westciv
Subject: [*] StyleMaster 2.0.1

Style Master 2.0 is not just a beefed up text editor. It's built from the
ground up as a specialized style sheets IDE (integrated development
Style Master is as well suited to web developers with little or no
exposure to style sheets, as to style sheets experts.

For those starting out with style sheets, Style Master comes with
* an intuitive interface for editing every aspect of a style sheet, from
the most basic properties to the most complex @rules, with point and
click simplicity. No syntax or tricky keywords to learn or remember!
* integrated custom info on every aspect of CSS, just a click away
* complete, detailed browser compatibility info for all major CSS
supporting browsers, including Netscape 6, Opera 5, and Internet Explorer
6 for Windows
* comprehensive style sheets documentation

For the established style sheets developer, Style Master is a complete
development environment for working with style sheets. Its editors for
statements, @rules and properties aren't toys, but productivity
enhancers, ensuring correct syntax, eliminating typos, and helping
develop and deploy style sheets more quickly and correctly. Built in
browser compatibility info ensures you avoid the frustrations of making
your style sheets work across all browsers.

New features in this version include
* customizable color coded syntax
* powerful find and replace
* support for WAP 2.0 (the CSS3 Mobile Profile and XHTML Basic selectors)
* importing HTML documents to create style sheets

2.0.1 is a minor upgrade that fixes a bug when previewing style sheets in
a browser.

This download is a fully featured 30 day demo.

Style master require a PowerMac running MacOS 8 or higher (runs in
classic on MacOS X) and a minumum of 4MB of RAM for the application.

Style Master costs for US$29.00, or $49.00 for the Pro version.
Upgrades from Style Master 1.x cost $19.99

[Archived as /info-mac/text/html/style-master-201.hqx; 2668 K]


Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 21:00:00 -0700
From: TidBITS Editors
To: [email protected], [email protected],
Subject: [*] TidBITS#594/27-Aug-01


Want to reestablish control of your TV? Try a TiVo personal video
recorder, reviewed by Andrew Laurence. In other TV news, Apple
receives an Emmy for FireWire, and the MoMA picks up a G4 Cube.
Notable releases include Mac OS 9.2.1, Now Up-to-Date & Contact
4.0.3, REALbasic 3.5, IPNetRouter 1.6.1, Nisus Writer 6.0.2,
Mailsmith 1.1.8, and Quicken 2002 Deluxe. Finally, Ecrix and
Exabyte merge, and early birds can get free tickets to Macworld
Expo SF 2002.

Honors Showcase Apple's Impact
Getting Moving Again with EtherMac iPrint LT
TiVo: Freedom Through Time-Shifting, Part 1

[Archived as /info-mac/per/tb/tidbits-594.etx; 32K]


Date: 26 Aug 2001
From: Jacek Iwanski
Subject: [*] V&N Lookup 1.4.2 - dictionary, spellchecker, word-translator

The application 'V&N Lookup' is part of the 'Foreign Language Toolkit'.

You can visit to find more

[Archived as /info-mac/edu/lang/v-and-n-lookup-142.hqx; 2988 K]


Date: 28 Aug 2001
From: Jacek Iwanski
Subject: [*] V&N Lookup 1.4.3 - dictionary, spellchecker, word-translator

'V&N Lookup' is an easy-to-use program that puts dictionary-power at your
fingertips. It makes use of the dictionaries for the application program
'Verbs&Nouns'. You can use 'V&N Lookup' while you are working with other
text-based applications because it searches for any word that you copy to
the clipboard. Depending on which modules you have, 'V&N Lookup' can locate
similar words in several languages at the same time. It can check the
spelling and translate passages of text word for word.

The application 'V&N Lookup' is part of the 'Foreign Language Toolkit'.

You can visit to find more

[Archived as /info-mac/edu/lang/v-and-n-lookup-143.hqx; 2989 K]


Date: 27 Aug 2001
From: Jacek Iwanski
Subject: [*] Verbs & Nouns 2.4.9 - foreign language learning

'Verbs & Nouns' is an application for practising inflection, translation
and pronunciation at the level of single words. Features include the
opportunity to do various inflection exercises, and translation exercises in
both directions; to record and play sound for single words; to do
exercises based on sound or pictures; and to play various word-games.

The program keeps a record of exercises, and identifies the words that
the student has difficulty with. Along with the program, you need a
module for the target language concerned. The program can also be used
as an authoring tool to write your own modules of inflected words for
any language. A built-in 'inflection-generator' simplifies the addition
of these words. A 'Find' feature allows the modules to be used as
bilingual dictionaries.

Ready-made modules are already available for certain languages. You can

to get more information.

[Archived as /info-mac/edu/lang/verbs-and-nouns-249.hqx; 1729 K]


Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 08:54:20 -0400
From: Phil McIntosh
To: [email protected]
Subject: Beige G3 SVGA connection problem

I recently acquired a beige G3 300mHz Mac and an adapter to use a PC
monitor with it, but no docs for either. The problem is I can only get it
to use the 640*480 resolution. I have tried two different monitors, each
of which handles 1024*768 without a problem on other machines (a PC and a
The adapter has a number of DIP switches, and I suppose the answer must lie
in setting those correctly. Can anyone point me to info on the proper
setting for higher resolutions? Or what else might be causing the problem?

Phil McIntosh


Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 15:56:02 +0200
From: "Dewey Markham, Jr."
To: [email protected]
Subject: Multiple Users and Internet Locator Files


I was wondering if anyone had a solution to a problem that I'm having
with Multiple Users. When set to the "Panels" setting, Internet
Locator Files do not work. Apparently they become documents instead
of whatever they are otherwise, because when clicked an alert comes
on the screen saying that the computer was unable to find the program
that created the document. I've set up a Panels account for my
three-year old son, and having a Locator File icon to click on is
much more practical than trying to get him to navigate the browser to
the site he wants using bookmarks. Any answers, or better yet,
solutions? Thanks.


Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 12:16:06 +0200
From: "Piero Severi"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Two questions


I have a Pismo PowerBook and I would like to attach it to a TV set as a DVD
The cable which came with it, however, will only let me see a very poor
image of the desktop: is there any other way/cable I could use?

Second question: I still use Outlook Express 4.5 as my favorite mailer. I
like it better, even if it has many flaws: one of the most annoying is that
sometimes it makes a mess with my multiple e-mail address, and refuses to
read any mail, unless I reset all of them from scratch, retyping all the
parameters in the preference panel.
I'd like to make a backup copy of the file holding the adresses' parameters
and just replace it when the one in use gets corrupted, but I couldn't find
where this file is. The only thing I guess is that must be somewhere in the
Preferences or System folder.
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance



Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 23:33:35 +0000
From: rl
To: [email protected]
Subject: zip drive not working

I have a beige, desktop G3, 300 mhz, 384mb RAM, 6 gb HD that I recently
bought. I am running OS 8.6. It has an internal zip drive that doesn't
read the disk. I downloaded the latest drivers - ATAPI/IDE. When I
insert the zip disk I hear it whirr, the light goes on and nothing
happens - no icon on the desktop. After 5 minutes of unrelated activity
I get a message asking do I want to initialize this disk. I eject it as
the zips have info from my previous computer.

The extension is enabled. The disks are formatted and at one point I was
able to open a disk that a friend had given me. When I use the tools and
try to diagnose the disk it tells me there is no disk inserted.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening? Any info will be gratefully

[email protected]



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