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Info-Mac Digest V18 #120

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Subject: Info-Mac Digest V18 #120
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Info-Mac Digest Fri, 21 Sep 01 Volume 18 : Issue 120

Today's Topics:

[*] 11th September Interarchy interface submitted
[*] Cookie 1.1
[*] EnglishLeagueManager110
[*] Find Document 2.7
[*] HTML-Optimizer 5.5.1
[*] Jon's Commands 2.1.2
[*] URL Manager Pro 2.8b1J - Japanese Version
[*] Web Confidential 2.2.2
[A] New G4 - CD Burning
[A] Pop-up menu in Finder
[A]: Flaky iBook Ethernet Port
[A]: Pop-up menu in Finder
[Q] Audio recording from DV stream
Any cure for badly-dated installers?
ethernet prob
New memory delay
Pop-up menu in Finder
Pop-up menu in Finder
Pop-up menu in Finder
Wallstreet PRAM Battery

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Date: 21 Sep 2001
From: Francesco Ventimiglia
Subject: [*] 11th September Interarchy interface submitted

How to install this interface

* Launch Interarchy (version 3.8 or higher)
* Select "Preferences Folder" from the "Settings" menu
* Drag the file "11th September" into the "Home Items" folder
* Switch back to Interarchy
* Select "11th September" from the "Home" menu items and use it
* If you wanna make "11th September" the default interface return to
Finder and place its alias from the "Home Items" folder to the "Startup
Items" folder removing any other item inside. Then restart Interarchy.


Franco Ventimiglia

Contact Info:

Please send comments to:
[email protected]

11th September Interarchy Interface ¨2001 by Franco Ventimiglia
¨2001 by Apple Computer

[Archived as /info-mac/gui/11th-september-interarchy-interface.hqx; 342 K]


Date: 20 Sep 2001
From: John Rethorst
Subject: [*] Cookie 1.1

Quote/phrase/tip generator. Unlike others, its library is plain text, so
you can add or edit anything. Supports an unlimited number of quotes. Comes
with large library of classic quotations. Lets you choose between random or
sequential choices (useful for training). Displays a large variety of great
icons with the quotes, and user-chosen text for the OK button. Source code
is commented.

New in version 1.1: more options, faster, over twice as many icons, docs
cover editing of icons.

Unsolicited comments from users include: "A real nice little program . . .
could be used very nicely as a Tips and Tricks display for large workgroups
. . . Thanks very much . . . Popular Download [] . . . a fun

Free. Should replace data/cookie.hqx now on Info-Mac.

John Rethorst

[Archived as /info-mac/data/cookie-11.hqx; 224 K]


Date: 20 Sep 2001
From: TigaByte Software
Subject: [*] EnglishLeagueManager110

English League Managerv1.10 is a shareware soccer management game.
Version 1.10 has major improvements including more competitive leagues.

ELM allows you to manage a team within the English league. The ultimate aim is to win the Premier Championship and both the FA and League Cups within the same season.

* Manage a team from one of the 4 main English Divisions using over 90 screens.
* Play three types of game - Standard, Manager's, and Custom.
* Over 4000 players in 124 clubs: - up to 25 players in squad & up to 25 in reserves.
* Player roles - goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward.
* Players have 17 attributes:.
* Moving match play allowing substitutes,injuries, corners,free kicks, red cards.
* Match animation is 2D but hidden simulation uses 3D space for ball.
* The ability to change formation and general tactics during a match.
* Training ground for practicing corner and free kick tactics.
* Tactical screens for planning defensive and offensive formations.
* Player ageing and retirements - skill varies with age.
* Financial control of the club including loans, sponsorships and match advertising.
* Buy and sell players on the transfer market, and browse any club.
* Player contracts and renegotiations.
* Ground development for increasing crowd capacity.
* On screen help system.
* Editor for creating custom scenarios with registered version.

* 68030 or later, 68040 recommended, an FPU is NOT required.
* 3.7MB free RAM - on older Macs with 8 bit colour.
* 5.0MB free RAM - on newer Macs with 16 bit colour.
* 640x480 at 256 colour screen
* OS7.1 or above - (OSX - I simply don't know)

This English League Manager demo may be freely included on CDROMs.

Malcolm:- [email protected]

TigaByte Software, 28th August 2001.

[Archived as /info-mac/game/english-league-manager-110.hqx; 1291 K]


Date: 20 Sep 2001
From: John Rethorst
Subject: [*] Find Document 2.7

AppleScript scripting addition to find files, folders or applications on
designated disks. Ten times faster than similar osaxen. Author JF Pautex
permits free distribution; $5 shareware.

Should replace osa/find-document-22.hqx on Info-Mac.

[Archived as /info-mac/dev/osa/find-document-27.hqx; 32 K]


Date: 20 Sep 2001
From: Ton Brand
Subject: [*] HTML-Optimizer 5.5.1

HTML-Optimizer 5.5.1

What it is: Utility to check and optimize your web pages to make them load
Author: Ton Brand
Company: Ton's Software
License: Shareware US$10
Computer: PowerPC, iMac or iBook
Mac OS: 7.5.3 or later
HTML-Optimizer is the ideal tool for managing your web site. It checks your
web pages for broken links and dangling tags and optimizes both text and
graphic files.
The program offers 5 functions plus a number of useful options that make
working with HTML-Optimizer very easy. Especially the new 'duplimize'
feature comes in handy for uploading an optimized web folder. The program
has a built-in Manual and Balloon Help is supported too.
The five basic functions of HTML-Optimizer are:
1. Optimizing HTML code by removing unnecessary characters and tags, which
results in faster loading of your pages in your client's browser.
Client-side and server-side JavaScript can be optimized too. Graphic file
resources, which are of no use on the web, are removed, saving 10 to 80 % of
2. Checking the so called tagged pairs, i.e. the tags that always have to
appear together with their end tags. Further, IMG tags are checked for
Width, Height and Alt attributes. Missing attributes are added with values
which are automatically detected.
3. Checking the validity of the internal hyperlinks, 8 levels deep.
4. Marking dangling tags and missing attributes to find and fix them
5. Converting special characters to the &....; notation.
Version 5.5 removes more redundant editor tags and has a 25 files per folder
limit if unregistered. Version 5.5.1 corrects a version number error when

[Archived as /info-mac/text/html/html-optimizer-551.hqx; 1245 K]


Date: 20 Sep 2001
From: John Rethorst
Subject: [*] Jon's Commands 2.1.2

A free set of AppleScript scripting additions (osaxen) that, in the words
of author Jon Pugh, "will improve your life if you use AppleScript". For
sure. Author permits free distribution; further info available at his web

Should replace /osa/jons-commands-21.hqx.

[Archived as /info-mac/dev/osa/jons-commands-212.hqx; 177 K]


Date: 20 Sep 2001
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] URL Manager Pro 2.8b1J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the URL Manager Pro package.

"In the shareware arena, my pick is URL Manager" - Adam C. Engst

"You have got me addicted" - Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle

"A must have for serious Web users" - Tucows rating: 5 out of 5

"It's a polished, professional-standard application packed with useful
features, neat shortcuts and quality design. Brilliant." - MacFormat UK.

URL Manager Pro is a repository for your favorite Internet addresses or
URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). URL Manager Pro allows you to organize
and collect URLs in a hierarchical structure. Organizing bookmarks
between and within folders is easy with Drag & Drop. Drag HyperText
links from your Web Browser to the URL Manager Pro window to add a URL
to the repository. To go to a URL, Drag & Drop a bookmark to the window
of a Web Browser or double click.

URL Manager Pro adds tight integration with Navigator, Explorer, iCab,
Anarchie, Fetch, NetFinder, Claris Emailer, Outlook Express and Eudora.
With URL Manager Pro you can add bookmark menus to the menu bar of these
applications. Also, URL Manager Pro adds the URL Manager shared icon
menu to the menu bar. With this menu you can create bookmarks for Web
Pages from --within-- Navigator, Explorer, iCab, Add Notes, Grab All
URLs on a Web Page or in an E-Mail message, and explore the Internet
with a predefined set of Search Engines.

What's New in 2.8

URL Manager Pro 2.8 is an update of the popular bookmark manager. In
particular, the audience of this version is Mac OS 8 users. Mac OS 9 and
Mac OS X users are advised to start using URL Manager Pro 3.0, which is
a Carbon application.

URL Manager Pro 3.0 requires Mac OS 9 and therefore Mac OS 8 users can
not use it. URL Manager Pro 2.8 makes sure that Mac OS 8 users still can
profit from the improvements made to URL Manager Pro's code as we move
along to Mac OS X. URL Manager Pro 2.8 fixes bugs, but also adds new
features (see below).

URL Manager Pro 2.8 requires Mac OS 8.1 or higher. If you are still
running Mac OS 8.0, you should have no problem downloading the Mac OS
8.1 update from Apple.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/web/url-manager-pro-28b1-jp.hqx; 1281 K]


Date: 20 Sep 2001
From: Alco Blom
Subject: [*] Web Confidential 2.2.2

Web Confidential 2.2.2 for Macintosh - English version

Web Confidential is an intuitive, easy-to-use program for
managing user IDs, passwords, registration numbers, and the like.

Although widely imitated, Web Confidential is still the most
powerful password manager on the Mac today and is currently
the only password manager which is able to HotSync with
a Palm device using a Macintosh Conduit.

While Web Confidential is suitable for a wide variety of personal data,
from credit card numbers to serial numbers, Alco Blom designed Web
Confidential particularly for the World Wide Web in mind. "Increasing
numbers of Web sites maintain some form of user registration," points
out Blom. "You may not realize it, but in the course of time you may
registered at a couple of dozen sites. Do you remember the passwords
you entered for all of them?"

Web Confidential allows Web surfers to store URLs, user IDs, and
passwords in one secure location. Web Confidential can automate the
process of logging into a password-secured Web page by automatically
passing URL, user ID, and password to your Web browser.

For opening pages containing personal account information at commercial
sites, Web Confidential allows you to automatically fill in WWW Forms
with user ID and password fields.

To ensure the personal information stored in Web Confidential remains
confidential, the program's password files can be encrypted using
state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Web Confidential is shareware.

Web Confidential is available for Mac, Windows and Palm platforms.

The Home Page of Web Confidential is:

Contact Alco Blom at:

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/web/web-confidential-222.hqx; 822 K]


Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:03:11 -0700
From: Maurice Mike McNeil
To: Stephen Walker , [email protected]
Subject: [A] New G4 - CD Burning

At 9:45 AM -0700 9/19/01, Stephen Walker wrote:
>Hey this might be a stupid question, but how do you record CDs and DVDs
>with the Superdrive on a new G4? I am familiar with Toast from my
>previous Mac adventures, but I haven't been able to find a similar
>recording software program under MAC OS X? If there is not one for OS X
>will Toast under Classic work?
OS 9.2 comes with an application called Disk Burner (actually it
originally came with 9.1 I believe). It includes an extension Disk
Burner Extension and I believe also requires something called in the System Folder. It may NOT currently work under OS
10.0.4 and not sure it will run under classic, try it and see. You
will know immediately because you get a dialog box as soon as you put
a CD in and the CD appears on the desktop.

with these installed, it is AUTOMATIC and completely intuitive. Just
like putting stuff on a floppy, zip drive etc. with one additional
step, when you eject the CD it asks if you would like to burn it.
Answer YES and a few minutes later you have a CD.

If for some reason you don't have disk burner, it is available for
download from Apple. I believe you need to be in OS 9.1 or better.
Even easier, run Software Update and it should get it for you. It did
for my iMac and I don't even have a burner on it.


Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 17:58:02 -0400
From: Ken Laskey
To: [email protected]
Subject: [A] Pop-up menu in Finder

>> P.S. - I know about the 1.5 click to get the magnifying glass to
>> spring open folders. Unfortunately, this does not give me the
>> possibility of going back up the hierarchy once I've scanned the open
>> folder and not found what I was looking for.
>> --

Hold down the Apple key and click on the folder name. That folder's
hierarchy is displayed and you can move back to any node along the
way. If you also hold the option key down, it will close the folder
that you are leaving.

Ken Laskey
[email protected]


Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:05:32 -0700
From: Maurice Mike McNeil
To: "Fanning, Alan W. (PS, NE)" ,
Subject: [A]: Flaky iBook Ethernet Port

At 6:43 PM -0700 9/17/01, Fanning, Alan W. (PS, NE) wrote:
>We have a 300MHz iBook with an ethernet port that seems to have a bad
>connection. If you stick an RJ-45 plug in there and wiggle it, the
>connection can be intermittently made. But if you let go, the connection is
>lost. Unfortunately it was an Apple refurb with 90 warranty so I'm wondering
>if anybody can offer some advice as to what the probem might be and what
>we're in for to get it fixed?
1) Recommend you sign up for AppleCare as a starting point, very
reasonably priced for 3 years of extended warranty.
2) if you can take the iBook apart, I haven't tried one of those yet,
you could see if there are any loose screws, but somehow I suspect
this is a long shot.


Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:10:24 -0700
From: Maurice Mike McNeil
To: "[???]" ,
Subject: [A]: Pop-up menu in Finder

At 10:10 AM -0700 9/18/01, [???] wrote:
> >> P.S. - I know about the 1.5 click to get the magnifying glass to
>>> spring open folders. Unfortunately, this does not give me the
>>> possibility of going back up the hierarchy once I've scanned the open
>>> folder and not found what I was looking for.
> >> --
Couple of navigation tips:
1) Hold down Command and click on the folder name in the title bar,
you can go up that way through hierarchical folders (OS 9.1+ for
2) User Sherlock
3) Get finderPop from [email protected] GREAT utility, I am missing it
in OS X. Gives you all sorts of navigational shortcuts. It's beer
ware - Turley works for Apple.


Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 16:29:54 -0700
From: Chap Godbey
To: [email protected]
Subject: [Q] Audio recording from DV stream

I bought this neato Sony DVMC-DA2 media converter thingy.
Supposedly it sucks up whatever analog input it sees (S-video, video,
audio, the cat, whatever) and puts it into nifty digital and vice versa.
It works just peachy with iMovie.
On the other hand, I bought it partly to be able to take my old 45
records and record them, and the experience of recording blank video and
stripping the audio from it is time-intensive and a big disk space hog for
all that blank digital video.
Sound Manager sort of freaks out whenever it faces digital audio
in; I understand it can't function with 44.1kHz input for some reason. So
that means ProTools Free and all the other recording programs choke on the
converter as well. I'd love a way to record just the audio stream.

Any ideas?



Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 00:48:55 -0400
From: Vincent Cayenne
To: The Info-Mac Network
Subject: Any cure for badly-dated installers?

Does no one else use the timestamp of installers to check which is
the latest version? And am I the only one who finds that
InstallAnywhere (and maybe InstallerVise and others) stamp the date
of the wrapper? In effect, this may mean the a brand new application
installer has a date some four months old. Not to mention that some
unstuff to the same name, regardless of the application contained
within the installer. LimeWire springs to mind as an offender in one
sense or the other, as do XML Editor (and Opera?).


Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 18:00:20 -0400
From: susan mann
Subject: ethernet prob

i have an ibook with os9
i have an ethernet port
but when i put a cable in the port and connect it with my cable
modem-nothing happens
the apple profiler shows no built-in ethernet
is it possible that the ibook didn't come with this?


Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:42:19 -0500
From: Simon Rowland (by way of Hugh Lewis)
To: [email protected]
Subject: New memory delay

>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 12:48:53 -0400
>From: Ken Laskey
>To: ,
>Subject: [A] New memory delay
>Any computer does a check of memory on boot. The more memory, the
>longer the check takes. The new delay is probably more noticeable if
>you had a small amount of memory before the upgrade.

To disable this check under pre-MacOSX systems, hold down the
command and option keys when opening the Memory control panel. There
will be an extra option, to disable startup memory checks, which make
your system boot a bit faster.

If figure that if your computer's memory has checked out a few
times already, you only need to turn the checking back on if your
computer is misbehaving or after installing new RAM, then turn it
right back off again.

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Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 07:19:36 -0400
From: RobD
To: "[???]" ,
Subject: Pop-up menu in Finder

Quoting The Info-Mac Network and possibly previous message on 9/18/01
1:10 PM.

>>> P.S. - I know about the 1.5 click to get the magnifying glass to
>>> spring open folders. Unfortunately, this does not give me the
>>> possibility of going back up the hierarchy once I've scanned the open
>>> folder and not found what I was looking for.
>>> --
>doesn't that just drive you crazy! you've really got know where you're
>[email protected]

Command (or Apple Key) Click the Header of the last folder and navigate
back to your hearts content! It gives you hierarchy return structure.

Also you can use "Open Enclosing Folder" command in the file menu to move
up one level only in a Find scenario.

>>>-----------Reach me by ICQ# 7162477------------------~~~


Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 10:12:45 +0100
From: [email protected] (Mike Mitchell)
To: [email protected]
Subject: Pop-up menu in Finder

In article ,:

> Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 10:10:27 -0700
> From: "[???]"
> To:
> Subject: Pop-up menu in Finder
> >> P.S. - I know about the 1.5 click to get the magnifying glass to
> >> spring open folders. Unfortunately, this does not give me the
> >> possibility of going back up the hierarchy once I've scanned the open
> >> folder and not found what I was looking for.
> >> --
> doesn't that just drive you crazy! you've really got know where you're
> going.

If you bottom out somewhere and don't find what you are looking for then
just "release" the 1.5 click. That folder is now open, so you can command
click on the window title to get the path backup to the hard disk. Select
a folder from there and it will open, then you can click and a half your
way from there instead.

Michael Mitchell "Smoke me a kipper,
User Support I'll be back for breakfast."
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Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 20:45:21 -0400
From: Allan Hunter
To: "[???]" ,
Subject: Pop-up menu in Finder

At 10:10 AM -0700 9/18/01, [???] wrote:
> >> P.S. - I know about the 1.5 click to get the magnifying glass to
>>> spring open folders. Unfortunately, this does not give me the
>>> possibility of going back up the hierarchy once I've scanned the open
>>> folder and not found what I was looking for.
>>> --
>doesn't that just drive you crazy! you've really got know where you're
>[email protected]

Yeah, and even with FinderPop, you're stuck with this behavior when
you want to drag a file to be copied into a folder deep in some hard
drive's hierarchy!

Oh, I miss PopupFolder SO SO much!!! ::sniffle::

Sometimes I actually think of going back to System 7 just to be able
to use PopupFolder again!

Allan Hunter


Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:40:32 +0200
From: Paolo Bartoli
To: Info Mac
Subject: Wallstreet PRAM Battery

my Wallstreet (233) PB's PRAM battery has died.

I'd like to replace it, but need to identify:
- which battery is
- where to buy it (online)
- how to replace it

thanks a lot!
Paolo Bartoli

** Arch.Carlo Bartoli / Bartoli Design **
** [email protected] **



End of Info-Mac Digest