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Info-Mac Digest V19 #3

Post by Info-Mac » January 2nd, 2002, 6:30 pm

Subject: Info-Mac Digest V19 #3
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Info-Mac Digest Wed, 02 Jan 02 Volume 19 : Issue 3

Today's Topics:

[*] Cave Dig 3 uploaded!
[*] Coordinates 2.4.3 - Planetary Surface Coordinate Calculator
[*] I Ching Connexion X 3.0.1 (Carbon); The Book of Changes with a new view
[*] RPN Calculator 1.5.3 PPC
[*] Time Ballz 1.0
[*] Uploaded Europrice 2.1
[*] Web Confidential 3.0.2J - Japanese Version

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Date: 2 Jan 2002
From: Matthew Beedle
Subject: [*] Cave Dig 3 uploaded!

Cave Dig 3 is a wonderful and challenging arcade/puzzle game with beautiful
graphics, a great soundtrack and a simple yet entertaining gameplay.

You control Simon, a small fox with great powers, who is transported
in a
fantastic underground world. You will have to dig, move stones, travel
through warps and ultimately use a laser pistol to escape from the hostile
caves. Watch out for the creatures! They will block your path, chase you and
squash you if you are not careful. Cave Dig 3 is bound to become a shareware

The cheats and all the levels are unlocked in the registered version
of Cave
Dig 3.


ò Mac OS 8 or better on any Power Macintosh. Cave Dig 3 is a classic
application and should function normally under Mac OS X.

ò 10 Mb of storage space

ò 640x480 screen or larger, supporting 256, thousands, or millions of colors.

ò Draw Sprocket and Quick Time 3 or better

[Archived as /info-mac/game/arc/cavedig-3.hqx; 9697 K]


Date: 2 Jan 2002
From: "Fr. John Robbins"
Subject: [*] Coordinates 2.4.3 - Planetary Surface Coordinate Calculator

Coordinates is an application that transforms geodetic and Cartesian
coordinates. It will make the conversions from Geodetic latitude,
longitude and heights to planet centered Cartesian coordinates and vice
versa. Works for various planetary ellipsoids, including user defined

Additionally, Coordinates will also compute long geodesic lines on the
ellipsoid. Given a starting latitude and longitude, a distance and a
direction, Coordinates will compute the location of the end point. Also,
it will compute the geodesic length and directions between two points of
known latitude and longitude.

Documentation of algorithms used accompanies the application.

Coordinates is offered as freeware. May be distributed. Functions on PPC
under OS8.5 and later. Not optimized for OS X.

John Robbins - Consultant, Geodesy and Geodynamics

[Archived as /info-mac/sci/coords-243.hqx; 436 K]


Date: 2 Jan 2002
From: Ed van Zon
Subject: [*] I Ching Connexion X 3.0.1 (Carbon); The Book of Changes with a new view

I Ching Connexion X 3.0.1

The I Ching Connexion is an ever-changing but always consistently interlocking
graphic representation of the way the 64 hexagrams interrelate.
As such it is the key to widen and deepen the interpretation of the
outcome of
a divination.

It features the translation James Legge made (published in 1882, England) of
the Imperial Edition of the I (published in 1715, China). This alone
makes the
program useful for anyone interested in the I Ching.
Besides that it adds two radical new views to the ancient Book of Changes:
the Connexion and the Mediator.
It also features an I Ching clock, a presentation of the link between the
I Ching and astrology. And it allows you to calculate your natal hexagram.

I Ching Connexion X v3.0.1 is carbonized: it requires a PowerPC Macintosh, at
least Mac OS 8.6 with CarbonLib v1.4 installed, or Mac OS X 10.1 - it runs
natively in both the Classic and the OS X environment.
The program takes about 2.1 MB on your hard disk and needs 2.2 MB free RAM
to run.
It does not run on 680x0 Macs.

This software is distributed as shareware (save/print disabled).
Please read 'I Ching Connexion X Read Me' for a bit more introductory info,
and 'How to Register ICC' for instructions on how to register.

Changes since v3.0:
- Fixed crash when used on pre- OS 9.1 systems.
(since v2.3.3:)
- Build for Carbon now!
- Made standard zoom state just big enough to hold the graphic.
- Remember/restore position and size for all windows between runs.
- Added standard window menu.
- Balloon help is gone (it's not available in Carbon).
- Added 'Hexagram Tips' as a replacement for balloon help;
activated by menu choice or while option key is held down.
- Added scroll wheel support (in OS X).
- Corrected minor error in Hexagram 1, 2 and 3 miscellaneous signs
numbers; they don't show up in the section menu anymore.

Enjoy the program,

Christian Freeling Ed van Zon
[email protected] [email protected]

MindSports Home Page:
********** ABSTRACT CROPPED **********

[Archived as /info-mac/app/i-ching-connexion-301.hqx; 654 K]


Date: 1 Jan 2002
From: Jeffry Baker
Subject: [*] RPN Calculator 1.5.3 PPC

RPN Calculator is a mathematically robust RPN implementation for Macintosh
in two flavors: PPC and Carbon. V1.53 is essentially a final quality
program and is stable. 68k support was stopped at V1.44a, and that version
is available in the Info-Mac archive. RPNC V1.53's features include:

25 element stack (8 visible)
8 memories
Full support for complex number math
Scalable user interface
Smart copy & paste
Drag & Drop
Statistics registers
Systems of equations (up to 5 equations and 5 unknowns)
Matrix inversion
Prime number search
Prime factorization
Rational approximation of decimal expansions
Base Conversion
Function library (user-defined functions)
Constants (user-defined constants)
Help system

This release is FULLY functional back to MacOS 8.1, and runs on earlier
version to at least 7.5.0 with a few limitations and anomalies.

[Archived as /info-mac/sci/calc/rpn-calculator-153-ppc.hqx; 916 K]


Date: 1 Jan 2002
From: Travis McLeskey
Subject: [*] Time Ballz 1.0

Time Ballz is a screen saver module for Mac OS X that displays a clock.
The current time is displayed in "HH:MM" or "HH:MM:SS" format. Each
digit is composed of a matrix of small 3D shapes which rotate to form
numerals. Several shapes are available, including one Christmas-themed

Mac OS X

Shareware US$2.

[Archived as /info-mac/app/ss/timeballz-10.hqx; 1736 K]


Date: 2 Jan 2002
From: Marco Tenuti
Subject: [*] Uploaded Europrice 2.1

Europrice 2.1 is a carbonized application that lets you convert any
European national currency value in Euro and viceversa. It calculates
even possible rounded values for market prices. If you are a vendor,
it calculates also the rest in Euro currency, though you get local
currency from your customers. You can use Europrice 2.1 with MacOS
8.1 or newer and MacOS X.
What's new:

- some dialogs have been carbonized
- added the Give Rest feature
- added tab panel to choose Gains Table or Give Rest subpanels

Marco Tenuti

[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/app/bus/europrice-21.hqx; 378 K]


Date: 2 Jan 2002
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] Web Confidential 3.0.2J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the Web Confidential package.

Web Confidential is the most powerful password manager on the Mac today.
It organizes passwords and protects them with industrial strength
encryption. It is also available for Windows and Palm operating systems.

"Version 3 is the best release of Web Confidential so far. It runs fully
native on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. I never thought that I could port
Shared Menus to Mac OS X, but thanks to Apple's outstanding support
of the Component Manager on Mac OS X, it proofed possible. This means
that thanks to Shared Menus, you have access to your passwords via
a Shared Menu right in your browser's menu bar.", said Alco Blom.

These are the main features of Web Confidential for Mac:

Encryption : Industrial strength encryption (using BlowFish)
Automation : Automatic entry of WWW Forms and automatic HTTP Authentication
Integration : Access to your passwords in your browser and from the Dock
Synchronization : Synchronization with your Palm via a Conduit
Cross-platform : Binary compatible with Web Confidential for Windows

Other new features:

Password Generator : You can generate random passwords easily
Dock Menus : You have access to all your passwords via the Dock
Help Book : A full reference manual right onder the Help menu

Web Confidential is shareware.

Requirements: Mac OS X or Mac OS 9.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/web/web-confidential-302-jp.hqx; 1513 K]



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