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Info-Mac Digest V19 #80

Post by Info-Mac » October 8th, 2002, 1:30 am

Subject: Info-Mac Digest V19 #80
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Info-Mac Digest Tue, 08 Oct 02 Volume 19 : Issue 80

Today's Topics:

[*] TidBITS#650/07-Oct-02
[*] FinKit 1.0.1
[*] Mac-Site-list, Version 4.7.5
[*] My Money Minder v1.1.1
[*] Yahoo Mailto Handler 1.2

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Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 21:00:00 -0700
From: TidBITS Editors
To: dig[email protected], [email protected],
Subject: [*] TidBITS#650/07-Oct-02


What happens when you put a few hundred Mac and Unix users
together in the same room? Read on for Adam's report from last
week's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference. Along with his description of
the event, Adam also grades Mac OS X in a variety of categories.
Do you agree? Take this week's poll to register your own grade!
Finally, people who have bought Adam's iPhoto Visual QuickStart
Guide can now download the entire book in PDF format for free.

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Report
Mac OS X Report Card: October 2002

[Archived as /info-mac/per/tb/tidbits-650.etx; 35K]


Date: 3 Oct 2002
From: Patrick Van der Perre
Subject: [*] FinKit 1.0.1


FinKit is a multi-function financial calculator that lets you calculate:
- effective and equivalent rates
- present and future value for single and multiple payments
- annuities, perpetuities, amortizations and sinking funds
- time between dates
- simple interest between dates using fixed and variable rates

FinKit can be used as a currency independent application. It can also do
currency conversions between the currencies of the Economic and Monetary


For more info visit:


FinKit requires Mac OS 8.5 or higher and a PPC processor to run.

[Archived as /info-mac/sci/calc/finkit-101.hqx; 1153 K]


Date: 3 Oct 2002
From: Bruce Grubb
Subject: [*] Mac-Site-list, Version 4.7.5

This is the latest edition (Oct 1, 2002) of the Mac-site-list and should
replace version 4.7.4 of the Mac-Site-list.

The Mac-Site-list lists over 50 mac anonymous ftp sites (some with notes),
over 100 Mac web pages, and contains some instructions on how to use anonymous
ftp and find files as well a format chart showing which programs decompress
and decode which files. Also there is a section on how to use certain files.

This Stuffit Deluxe 7.0 archive contains both the text and html versions of
the Mac-Site-list.

To ensure that the columns in the Format Chart section line up correctly the
document's text must be in a monospaced typeface such as Courier, Monaco,
or a PC equivalent.

Permission is given for this program to be included on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.

Changes: format chart updated;

Added sites/URLs:;

Defunct sites/URLs: all unconnectable sites; mac files gone at,,,, and;
cannot connect to,,,,,,,, and;

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/mac-site-list-475.hqx; 50 K]


Date: 4 Oct 2002
From: Ben Blake
Subject: [*] My Money Minder v1.1.1

My Money Minder v1.1 is a Made with Real Basic application that lets
you keep track of your expenses, income and bank account balances. By
organising these into Categories and placing the Categories into Groups
a summary of a financial year can be calculated, these results can also
be graphed (on either a bar, pie or line graph). Recurring items (such
as Rent or Pay) can be setup to be automatically be entered. All the
data in My Money Minder is displayed in a spreadsheet style grid.

This new version fixes several bugs:
- International decimal separators work correctly
- Yearly Summary no longer gives an error when the Totals are
deselected (in the Prefs)
- Date fields reduce the day or month from 1 correctly
- Column resize cursor no longer works beyond the limit of all the
- Generating the Yearly Summary grid on Mac OS 8.5/9 is much faster
(also a small speed increase for the My Money grid)

My Money Minder requires a Power Macintosh running Mac OS X v10.1 or
greater or Mac OS 8.5/9 with the Carbon Library 1.1 installed.

[Archived as /info-mac/app/bus/my-money-minder-111-cbn.hqx; 1833 K]


Date: 4 Oct 2002
From: "Daniel A. Shockley"
Subject: [*] Yahoo Mailto Handler 1.2

New in version 1.2 full
-- contains both a Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X applet. You'll need
CarbonLib for it to run in Classic.

This little AppleScript applet can be used to handle mailto URLs. So,
when you click on an email address on a web page, it goes to the
Yahoo web mail Send Message page, with the email address filled in.
If there are other parts, they will also be filled in (subject, cc,
bcc, body, and perhaps other)

You will need to open the Internet control panel and select this as
your Email Application at the bottom of the Email tab.

I plan on extending it to work with other major webmail sites, as
long as they support sending mail by adding text to a URL. Let me
know if you'd like to work on it. Most useful utilities out there
only help people who use stand-alone POP/SMTP clients, not us
web-mail users.

I got some information that was helpful about this from:

Kirk Klingbiel - the "open location" part of AppleScript

Cory S. Moll - the webPath for Yahoo that works independently of
which us.f** server you are on

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/mail/yahoo-mailto-handler-12.hqx; 87 K]



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