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Info-Mac Digest V19 #82

Post by Info-Mac » October 18th, 2002, 9:30 pm

Subject: Info-Mac Digest V19 #82
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Info-Mac Digest Fri, 18 Oct 02 Volume 19 : Issue 82

Today's Topics:

[*] Calorie Counter 2.0 ²2002 by Jonathan Scott
[*] ffmpegX 0.0.4d
[*] FTP currency15.sit
[*] HTMLColorPickerX 1.1.2 - now with Spanish and German!
[*] Macaroni 1.0.1
[*] The TimewasterCollection 3
[*] Virtual WineCellar 4
[*] Word Translator 4.8.6
[*] WordPerfect Mac News (complete)

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Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: Jonathan Scott
Subject: [*] Calorie Counter 2.0 ²2002 by Jonathan Scott

Great for counting calories and doing the food storage. Also
includes 3 user definable variables for those who need to count
something other than calories.

[Archived as /info-mac/data/calorie-counter-20.hqx; 1892 K]


Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] ffmpegX 0.0.4d

ffmpegX 0.0.4d

Video/audio encoder/decoder for DivX, MPEG-1/2, VCD, SVCD...

(c) Copyright 2002 Major, [email protected]
Freeware released under GPL license (included with the software).

ffmpegX is a Mac OS X GUI to ffmpeg the "hyper fast video and audio
encoder" ( It can decode MPEG-1, MPEG-2,
MPEG-4 (aka DIVX4/5), VOB, AVI MS-MPEG4 V3 (aka DIVX 3), WAV, Real
Audio, H263(+) (aka RealVideo 1.0), PGM, YUV, PPM, AC3, PCM8/16 bits,
mulaw/Alaw, SUN AU format, MPEG audio layer 2, MPEG audio layer 3,
MJPEG and even more formats. This GUI provides quick encoding to DivX,
MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP2, MP3 & AC3. MPEG-2 encoding relies on mpeg2enc
component from the mjpegtools package (
You can convert DVD video to DivX, DivX to VCD or SVCD, and DVD to VCD
or SVCD. Includes a bitrate calculator and a mpeg splitter for multiple
CD burning. When encoding to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 it can author the video
as VCD or XVCD (.bin/.cue files for burning with Toast by dropping the
.bin into VCD window) or as SVCD or XSVCD (two .img files to be burned
in Toast under Multitrack XA window).

System Requirements
- Mac OS X 10.1.5 or 10.2 (in 10.1.5 you may need to install the 1.8.5
OSX Applescript update from ... 315&db=mac)
- To playback DivX, use codecs from or

What's new in 0.0.4d?

- Added DivX and MPEG-1 "Two-pass encoding" option in the mpeg1/4
options tab. (In this version, don't run more than one encoding in
parallel when using two-pass or you will obtain a segfault).
- ffmpeg now support DV video input in AVI container (audio & video) or
.dv stream (audio only).
- Added postprocessing option "Keep elementary streams"
- Added MPEG Tools to process MPEG files without encoding. Open either
a .m2v, .m1v or .mpv elementary video stream and a .mpa, .mp2 audio
stream, or just a .mpg muxed video & audio stream. Then you can either:
a) "Mux" to mux elementary video & audio by using the selected profile
(available profiles: SVCD, XSVCD, DVD, MPEG-2 (generic), VCD, XVCD,
MPEG-1 (generic) (note: the "offset" value choosen in the mpeg-2
options window will be also applied to sync audio/video).
b) "Postprocess" to apply the postprocessing options: split in N
chunks and author as SVCD or VCD,
c) "Demux" to demux the muxed video & audio into elementary streams.

********** ABSTRACT CROPPED **********

[Archived as /info-mac/gst/ffmpeg-x-004d.hqx; 2291 K]


Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: Info
Subject: [*] FTP currency15.sit

Archivist: may be distributed in CD-ROM collections.

CurrencyConverter 1.5
[email protected]

Mac OS 8.1 or later, FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later.

CurrencyConverter lets you convert any currency to and from any other
currency plus any Euro country currency to and from its former currency. In
addition, sales tax can be added to or subtracted from converted amounts.

[Archived as /info-mac/app/bus/currency-converter-15.hqx; 25 K]


Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: Greg Scown
Subject: [*] HTMLColorPickerX 1.1.2 - now with Spanish and German!

HTMLColorPickerX 1.1.2
(released 15-October-2002)

HTMLColorPickerX from Smile Software re-introduces the much-missed HTML
Color Picker allowing users to specify HTML colors in hex and to snap
the sliders to web-safe colors.

All Cocoa applications (e.g. Mail, TextEdit, OmniWeb, Stone Create) can
use HTMLColorPickerX. With Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2), most Carbon
applications (e.g. AppleWorks, GraphicConverter, etc.) can also use

HTMLColorPickerX includes proper French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese,
Spanish, and German localizations and partial Japanese and Dutch

What's new in HTMLColorPickerX 1.1.2?

- Proper Spanish localization (thanks to Juan Ignacio Lizalde)
- Proper German localization (thanks to Peter Lang)

You can find the latest version of HTMLColorPickerX and technical
support at:

HTMLColorPickerX costs US $9.95 and may be purchased from:

HTMLColorPickerX is produced by:
Smile Software
21265 Stevens Creek Blvd #205-356
Cupertino, CA 95014

Smile Software is devoted to developing useful and user-friendly
software for Mac OS X. Smile Software also produces Page Sender, the
best way to fax or E-mail anything you can print with Mac OS X. For
more information:

We welcome your inquiries and feedback at:
[email protected]
(attention: Greg Scown)

[Archived as /info-mac/text/html/html-color-picker-112-x.hqx; 1716 K]


Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: Thomas Harrington
Subject: [*] Macaroni 1.0.1

Automated System Maintenance for Mac OS X

Macaroni is a tool which handles regular maintenance for Mac OS X's
Unix core. Normally these tasks run on a regular schedule, in the
middle of the night. However if you don't leave your Mac on all night,
they never run. Your Mac won't wake from sleep to handle this.

Macaroni solves this problem. If a scheduled maintenance task is not
run when it's normally scheduled, Macaroni automatically ensures that
it's run at the next opportunity, whenever the Mac is on.


* Automatically runs maintenance jobs
* Configurable: Add your own scheduled tasks
* Custom tasks can be scheduled as daily, weekly, monthly, or at
regular intervals (such as "every three days").
* Tracks maintenance history
* Displays results of latest maintenance run.

Macaroni is shareware and may be used free for 35 days.
Requires Mac OS X 10.1.2 or higher.

Home Page:
Email contact: [email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/disk/macaroni-101.hqx; 1585 K]


Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: Info
Subject: [*] The TimewasterCollection 3

The TimewasterCollection 3
[email protected]

PPC, OS 8.1 or later, Quicktime, color monitor.

Tired of software that pretends to save you time? Here's one that doesn't:
the timewaster collection, a set of games designed for brutally effective
time wasting management.

Included games:

MeanOne: a rolling the dice game that will drive you nuts. Best played
against humans, but an autistic mode is also provided. Timewasting factor: 8
StarWhiz: an outer space adventure for the nostalgic at heart and wasters of
time. Plenty of cliches included. Save the galaxis, not your time.
Timewasting factor: 9
LabVirus: remember that terrorist in the lab? He's back and he will
relentlessly attack your health (and your time). Timewasting factor: 7
MagicNumbers: this one is unlocked upon registering the timewaster
collection, so no further information is given. Timewasting factor: 10

[Archived as /info-mac/game/time-waster-collection-30.hqx; 4992 K]


Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: Info
Subject: [*] Virtual WineCellar 4

Virtual WineCellar 4
[email protected]

PPC, OS 8.1 or later (68K version available)

Virtual WineCellar helps you track your inventory. It keeps you informed
about stock and history, shows the current value of your wine collection,
keeps track of your suppliers, and gives you the option of ordering directly
from within the program. Order forms can be customized for any language.

Key features:
* intuitive, point and click interface.
* fields for wine name, country, appellation, grape, year, maturity, etc. in
logical grouping.
* additional user customizable fields.
* summaries for number of bottles, total cost, market value, and
* automatic reminders for wines that reached/passed maturity.
* easy order - order directly from within Virtual WineCellar.
* integration with Vinote (TM) bar coded neck tags.
* extensive finding and sorting functions.
* displays your own rating both numerically and graphically.
* import function for scanned wine labels.
* optimized print form.
* report function for further editing in your favourite word processor.
* extensive, context-sensitive on-line help.

[Archived as /info-mac/data/virtual-wine-cellar-40.hqx; 2860 K]


Date: 17 Oct 2002
From: [email protected] (Halldor Gislason)
Subject: [*] Word Translator 4.8.6

Word Translator 4.8.5 for Mac OS X and 9.x
Fast and easy access to foreign language dictionary and translations. Over 20 language dictionaries, including Spanish, German, French and most Scandinavian languages. Users can add to and modify dictionaries. Basic text translation and Vocabury training features included.

Supprted languages are: Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Latin, Croatian, Polish, Russian and Filipino(Tagalog).

New in this version:
* Reverse Translation to any installed language
* Global HotKey that allows access to Word Translator from any application at any time

The file contains an application demo with the Italian dictionary, other dictionaries can be downloaded.

Halldor Gislason

[Archived as /info-mac/edu/lang/word-translator-486.hqx; 1845 K]


Date: 15 Oct 2002
From: John Rethorst
Subject: [*] WordPerfect Mac News (complete)

Complete set of issues of the newsletter produced by the tech support team
of the popular word-processing program. The approx. 300 pages contain
literally thousands of tips, macros, and FAQs.


The free download of the entire program is available at

The only updater needed, for OS 8/9/Classic, is at: ... ect-update

A complete set of conversion filters is at: ... ect-conver

Thank you,
John Rethorst

[Archived as /info-mac/per/wp/wp-mac-news.hqx; 6116 K]



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