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Info-Mac Digest V19 #86

Post by Info-Mac » November 13th, 2002, 2:30 am

Subject: Info-Mac Digest V19 #86
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Info-Mac Digest Wed, 13 Nov 02 Volume 19 : Issue 86

Today's Topics:

[*] TidBITS#654/04-Nov-02
[*] TidBITS#655/11-Nov-02
[*] DiskCatalogMaker 3.0.1
[*] Keyboard Maestro v1.2.1J - Japanese Version
[*] KoalaCalc-202.hqx - Multi-purpose calculator with voice recognition
[*] QuickFind 2.0
[*] Tex-Edit Plus for OS X 4.4b2J - Japanese Version
[*] URL Manager Pro 3.0.3J - Japanese Version
[*] V&N Webster AB 1.2 - foreign language learning
[*] Verbs & Nouns 2.6.1 - foreign language learning

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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 21:00:00 -0800
From: TidBITS Editors
To: [email protected], [email protected],
Subject: [*] TidBITS#654/04-Nov-02


The Microsoft antitrust case has finally drawn to a close, and
Adam explains the settlement. Derek Miller joins us with a look at
how a PowerBook and a slew of Mac software helped him single-
handedly publish a daily conference newsletter, a task that had
taken previously taken three people. In news, TidBITS won the
latest Best of the Mac Web survey (yay!), Stairways Software
released Interarchy 6.0, and we offer another solution for
blacked-out iMacs.

Final Judgment in Microsoft Antitrust Case
Doing Three People's Work with One Mac

[Archived as /info-mac/per/tb/tidbits-654.etx; 31K]


Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 21:00:00 -0800
From: TidBITS Editors
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: [*] TidBITS#655/11-Nov-02


Looking for a new handheld? Palm's Tungsten T packs a lot of
features into a tiny package, as you can read in Jeff Carlson's
review. Plus, Adam reports on how our PayBITS experiment has
fared so far. In the news, Apple published an important update
for Power Macs with SuperDrives, released new PowerBook G4s with
a SuperDrive and 1 GHz CPUs, and lowered prices on slightly
enhanced iBooks. This week also marks the releases of Eudora 5.2
and ListSTAR 2.3.

Evaluating PayBITS
Tungsten T Marks New Beginning for Palm

[Archived as /info-mac/per/tb/tidbits-655.etx; 36K]


Date: 11 Nov 2002
From: FUJIWARA Katsuya
Subject: [*] DiskCatalogMaker 3.0.1

DiskCatalogMaker 3.0.1 PPC (A Disk Management Tool)

DiskCatalogMaker is a simple disk management tool which catalogs disks.

- Finder7.x-like look and feel.
- Supports Finder AppleEvents. (Select original, and open original)
- Supports drag and drop. (Copy, clip, trash, and catalog disks.)
- Supports StuffIt / CompactPro / LHA archive Formats.
- Supports long unicode file names.

DiskCatalogMaker requires MacOS 8.6 (CarbonLib1.6) or later.

[Archived as /info-mac/disk/disk-catalog-maker-301.hqx; 274 K]


Date: 11 Nov 2002
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] Keyboard Maestro v1.2.1J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the Keyboard Maestro package.

The latest version of Keyboard Maestro represents a major step forward.
Designed to leverage the new capabilities of Jaguar, Apple's newest
version of Mac OS X, Keyboard Maestro will take your Mac experience to a
new level in "Ease of Use." With Keyboard Maestro, you can design your
own macros and activate them at any time, you can navigate through
running applications and open windows with Program Switcher, and you can
work with an unlimited number of clipboard - all by pressing simple

You may find out more information about Keyboard Maestro and even download
the free Lite version at

Changes in Version 1.2.1:

* New Macro Action - iTunes Control: Enables you to control iTunes
remotely via hot keys, even allows you to assign your favorite song or
playlist to a hot key
* Improved the "Select Menu Item" macro action editor. You can now
define specific sub-menu items and you can quickly set up the action by
simply selecting the desired menu item in the target application while
the action editor is open.
* Complete Frech and Japanese translated manuals
* Bug Fixes:
- Application lists failed to retain more than one application that
had the default application signature ('????')
- Activate specific application editor didn't allow the sleection of
CFM Carbon applications
- Corruption in the user's Login Items list would cause Keyboard
Maestro to crash
- Improved Keyboard Maestro's ability to retain information about
files that might be temporarily unavailable (such as files on an
unmounted CD-ROM).

[Archived as /info-mac/gui/keyboard-maestro-121-jp.hqx; 2743 K]


Date: 11 Nov 2002
From: Paul Mallet
Subject: [*] KoalaCalc-202.hqx - Multi-purpose calculator with voice recognition

KoalaCalc for Mac OS X version 2.0.2

KoalaCalc is a freeware scientific, statistical and conversion
calculator for Mac OS X. In its compacted state, it looks similar to
the standard calculator that comes with Mac OS X. However, simply click
the 'advanced features' box and KoalaCalc comes to life to become one
of the most advanced calculators available. Features include numerous
mathematical functions plus 10 individual memory banks, conversion to
and from dozens of units, statistical and probability calculator
capable of computing t-tests and ANOVAs, tape recorde, expression
calculator which follows order of operations rules, voice recognition
input and speech output. Complete details and support can be obtained
from the Macropod Software web site located at

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.1.2 or later

Macropod Software

[Archived as /info-mac/sci/calc/koala-calc-202.hqx; 1687 K]


Date: 12 Nov 2002
From: John Rethorst
Subject: [*] QuickFind 2.0

Offers string, boolean and regular expression searching for files and
folders on local volumes. Powerful filtering, designated search areas, and
a superb PPC search engine make this the fastest local search utility for
general use. Lists of found items exclude aliases and show complete paths
(i.e. disk:folder:file), making them easier to work with. Supports
invisible files. Optionally copy list to the clipboard.

While the search engine itself is not any faster than Sherlock (it is as
fast), the interface makes the total time you spend searching much faster.

New in this version: complete rewrite. Much more power, much better interface.

Users say:

"Fantastic . . . Powerful . . . illustrates an often sought-after routine .
. . Thanks John! [MacScripter] . . . great work, fine and easy to use . . .
powerful, Applescript-based file searching utility! [MacScripter] . . .
competent program . . . one of his best efforts . . . makes searching a
pleasure . . . even gives Sherlock a run for its money . . . capable
program . . . Great Stuff . . . Many thanks . . . Works like a charm.
Thanks for a great product!"

Free. For OS 7.5-9x. Requires three scripting additions: Find Document,
Akua Sweets and Dialog Director, all at Info-Mac.

Thank you,
John Rethorst

[Archived as /info-mac/disk/quick-find-20.hqx; 138 K]


Date: 11 Nov 2002
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] Tex-Edit Plus for OS X 4.4b2J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the Tex-Edit Plus package.

Tex-Edit Plus is a scriptable, styled text editor that fills the gap
between Apple's bare-bones SimpleText and a full-featured word
processor. It's fast, efficient, and has a clean, uncluttered interface.
It's also great for cleaning up text which is transmitted over the

Tex-Edit Plus features: Extensive munging abilities, unlimited file size,
Drag&Drop support, AppleScript support, Word Services support,
Speech Manager support, picture handling, sound handling, movie handling,
ability to create SimpleText Read-Only documents, unlimited undo and redo,
and much more.

Tex-Edit Plus can read and write UTF-16 (unicode) text and RTF files.

Each paragraph can be formatted individually. These new paragraph
settings include text justification (left, center, right, full), space
above, space below, left indent, right indent, first line indent (or
hanging outdent), and bottom border (in one of several line styles).
Each paragraph can also have its own line spacing (in one point
increments) and dominant text direction (useful for right-to-left

Version 4.4b2
* Spell checking added. (Batch checking uses built-in OS X dictionaries.)
* Drag and drop desktop files onto open document windows to insert text.
* New "Tex-Aid" AppleScript Studio application added to Scripts menu.
* Tex-Aid source code included to allow complete customization.
* Added slightly wider left margin to make it easier to select lines.
* Help function now runs correctly when using OS 10.2 (Jaguar).
* The "sort" AppleScript command now includes an "ascii ordering" parameter.
* Improved recordability in OS 10.2.
* Auto-translation of line endings now works with SimpleText documents.
* Expanded AppleScript Dictionary to clarify class hierarchy.
* Improved generation of Unicode text files.
* Fixed bug involving occasional inability to change font of selection.
* Fixed bug seen when searching backwards through text using "grep" and
"whole words only" simultaneously.
* Fixed redraw bug seen when changing print margins.
* Fixed small print dialog bug.
* Removed restriction on sound annotation size.
* German, Italian, and Spanish localizations added. (Tex-Edit supports 6
different languages!
* Miscellaneous internal performance enhancements and bug fixes.

[Archived as /info-mac/text/texeditplusosx-44b2-jp.hqx; 3360 K]


Date: 11 Nov 2002
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] URL Manager Pro 3.0.3J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the URL Manager Pro package.

"In the shareware arena, my pick is URL Manager" - Adam C. Engst

"You have got me addicted" - Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle

"A must have for serious Web users" - Tucows rating: 5 out of 5

URL Manager Pro is the most powerful bookmark manager on the Macintosh.
It offers:

* Integration : You have access to your bookmarks from your browser's
menu bar and from the Mac OS X Dock, and with the Mondriaan Menu Extra
for Mac OS X you can access your most used bookmark sets directly from
the Mac OS X menu bar, even when URL Manager Pro isn't running

* Document Storage : Your bookmarks are stored in URL Manager Pro
bookmark documents, which you can store and manipulate in the normal
Macintosh way. No need to hunt for your bookmarks in preferences folders
of browsers. You can make automatic periodic saves and make copies of
bookmark documents on backup devices on each save.

* History : You can surf the web using several different browsers while
URL Manager Pro will keep recording the History of each.

* Importing and exporting bookmarks : The File menu gives you a list of
all of the browsers that URL Manager Pro can import from and export to.
It lets you 'harvest' bookmarks by scanning HTML and text files for
bookmarks and URLs.

* It lets you edit and organize bookmarks fast : You can use inline
editing, label and color your bookmarks and use drag and drop of
bookmarks within and between bookmark windows.

* Tap Sherlock power : You can index your bookmark file and tap the
power of Sherlock to look for words in your bookmark files.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/web/urlm-pro-303-jp.hqx; 3864 K]


Date: 12 Nov 2002
From: Jacek Iwanski
Subject: [*] V&N Webster AB 1.2 - foreign language learning

'Webster AB' is a dictionary module (simple-dictionary) for use with the
'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' programs. You can download the latest
versions of 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' directly from the Info-Mac
archives (the Education/Language directory), or via links from this web
site site: .

'Webster AB' contains the first part (letters A, B and C) of "The 1913
Webster Unabridged Dictionary".

The dictionary module itself is free, to use it you need the shareware
program 'Verbs & Nouns 2.6' or later (or 'V&N Lookup 1.4.7' or later) which
you can download from the same places as this module - the unregistered
versions of 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' have some limitations.

Jacek Iwanski.

[Archived as /info-mac/edu/lang/vn-webster-ab-12.hqx; 5193 K]


Date: 12 Nov 2002
From: Jacek Iwanski
Subject: [*] Verbs & Nouns 2.6.1 - foreign language learning

'Verbs & Nouns' is an application for practising inflection, translation
and pronunciation at the level of single words. Features include the
opportunity to do various inflection exercises, and translation exercises in
both directions; to record and play sound for single words; to do
exercises based on sound or pictures; and to play various word-games.

The program keeps a record of exercises, and identifies the words that
the student has difficulty with. Along with the program, you need a
module for the target language concerned. The program can also be used
as an authoring tool to write your own modules of inflected words for
any language. A built-in 'inflection-generator' simplifies the addition
of these words. A 'Find' feature allows the modules to be used as
bilingual dictionaries.

Ready-made modules are already available for certain languages. You can

to get more information.

Jacek Iwanski.

[Archived as /info-mac/edu/lang/verbs-and-nouns-261.hqx; 1919 K]



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