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Info-Mac Digest V14 #251

Post by Info-Mac » October 30th, 1996, 6:00 am

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 96 11:56:06 PST
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Subject: Info-Mac Digest V14 #251
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Info-Mac Digest Wed, 30 Oct 96 Volume 14 : Issue 251

Today's Topics:

[*] AEMailer 1.0.0
[*] Amadeus stack
[*] Archimedean v.5.0
[*] ArtGallery stack
[*] BackSlide - a Java puzzle with a twist
[*] BitSURFR QuicConfig v1.0.5
[*] Breaker 1.0.3 (an arcade game)
[*] BulkRate FAQ 2.5h (german)
[*] Call Wait No More
[*] CD Label Printer 1.0.1.
[*] Charting Coach 1.6
[*] Chris Aaron/Kaleidoscope Patch v.1.1.0
[*] commodore-64-2.3
[*] CommuniGate FaxGate 1.9.5
[*] CommuniGate SMTPGate 2.0.1
[*] Edit JFIF Comment 1.0.2
[*] Empower 2.1
[*] eudora-thai 1.0.2
[*] Farkle 1.1
[*] FnsBorf 1.2
[*] Foobar vs. the DEA v1.0 - an arcade game
[*] FreePPP D1 2.5v2
[*] GoHTML 1.7J - Japanese Version
[*] Grand Chess - Yerevan 96, a compilation of games
[*] Jur 1.2
[*] LogoMation 1.1.3 -- A Programming Language and Environment
[*] Mac-HaBu
[*] MathEg 5.0
[*] McTWILIGHT 2.1.0 r1
[*] Netscape 3.0 Make-Over
[*] Netscape Gold 3.0 Make-Over
[*] OT/PPP Toggle
[*] pirayas X-FILE complete set
[*] Print to Mail 1.1
[*] QS-Edit 1.05
[*] Quitter 1.4.1
[*] RandomNotes 1.0
[*] Retrieve It! 2.5 Demo for Macintosh
[*] ShatterBat 1.0.0 -- cool 3D game!
[*] SndSampler 3.2.1
[*] SPAM 5.0 Text-adventure maker
[*] The Third Dimension v1.2
[*] Tiny Cipher 1.2.1
[*] Ultimate Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner
[*] Web Calendar 1.0
[*] Whammy! Destop Patterns
[*] WWWStat4Mac 1.4

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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:58 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] AEMailer 1.0.0

AEMailer is an apple event to SMTP engine for the Macintosh. The
archive includes a manual.


[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/ae-mailer-100.hqx; 1063K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 13:54:14 -0600
From: (Claude Vanolst)[email protected]
Subject: [*] Amadeus stack

Amadeus is a music stack for non-composers. It needs HyperCard. By Claude
Vanolst, Luxembourg.

Permission is granted to redistribute this demo file, on CD-ROM
compilations or otherwise. -Claude

[Archived as /info-mac/gst/amadeus-hc.hqx; 11K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:40:00 -0600
From: (Antreas P. Hatzipolakis)[email protected]
Subject: [*] Archimedean v.5.0

Archimedean : This is a DocMaker format stand-alone document containing
stuff related to great Archimedes (quotations, poems etc).

Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/art/archimedean-50.hqx; 242K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 13:54:15 -0600
From: (Claude Vanolst)[email protected]
Subject: [*] ArtGallery stack

ArtGallery is a HyperCard stack that stores your HyperCard paintings and
helps you creating new pictures.


Permission is granted to redistribute this demo file, on CD-ROM
compilations or otherwise. -Claude

Claude Vanolst, Luxembourg
[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/gst/art-gallery-hc.hqx; 21K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:17 -0800
From: [email protected] (Ed van Zon)
Subject: [*] BackSlide - a Java puzzle with a twist

BackSlide is a Java implementation of a puzzle by Christiaan Freeling.
Obviously the history of BackSlide goes back to the invention of the
'15' puzzle, commonly attributed to Sam Loyd. But it is much nicer than
"yet another '15' puzzle".

Viewed on one side, it has 652 different solutions (as opposed to Loyd's 1).
8 of these are also meta-solutions, that is: both sides of the puzzle are
solved simultaneously.
All 652 solutions are included in a separate SlideShow applet, while
4 meta-solutions are accessible from a pop-up menu.
And here's the twist: If you find one other meta-solution, you will get
permanent access to _all_. Alternatively, you can register for US$5 and
get full access.
Please see ReadMe.html (within the package) for all the details.

The package contains all the necessary files to play BackSlide off-line.
It requires a Java enabled web browser, for instance
Netscape Navigator 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

BackSlide is US$5 shareware, copyright by Solar Software,
You can preview and play BackSlide on-line, or download the package,
>From there.

Have fun,

Ed van Zon Solar Software
[email protected]

If you like you may include the program on the Info-Mac CD-Rom.

[Archived as /info-mac/game/back-slide-11-jv.hqx; 107K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:23:13 -0800
From: [email protected] (Brad Bennett)
Subject: [*] BitSURFR QuicConfig v1.0.5

Quicomm's BitSURFR QuicConfig application provides you with the easiest way
to get your BitSURFR Pro up & running with your Macintosh!

Why struggle through all the parameter settings of your BitSURFR Pro
through AT Commands when you can simply select settings through popup
menus and edit boxes? Save settings in profile documents. Build protocol
setup strings with the Protocol Window. And upgrading your BitSURFR
Pro's firmware is a breeze with QuicConfig's built-in Y-Modem G
function. We even provide you with the link to Motorola's site where you
can immediately download the latest firmware!

You don't even have to set the port configuration. Just launch QuicConfig
and it will automatically find your BitSURFR Pro and download the current
switch and protocol configurations.

QuicConfig can be run in demonstration mode before choosing to register.

System requirements:
* System 7.0 or later
* Any Macintosh (680x0 or PowerPC)
* 1 MB free RAM
* Motorola BitSURFR Pro ISDN Modem

For screen shots of QuicConfig, please visit Quicomm's Web site at


Brad Bennett

P.S. BitSURFR is not a typo. That is Motorola's name for their ISDN
Terminal Adapter.

We give permission for our program to be included on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/conn/quic-config-bitsurfr-106.hqx; 608K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 03:03:13 -0700
From: [email protected] (Tom Spreen)
Subject: [*] Breaker 1.0.3 (an arcade game)

Breaker 1.0.3 - Release Notes

Breaker will play on any computer running the Mac OS.
System 7.0 or later is required. It looks and runs best in 256 colours
(8-bit), but it will run in scaled down black & white mode on really old
Macs. Minimum memory requirements are 900 K of available RAM; 1200 K (1.2
MB) is preferred.

Breaker is a lighthearted, original and addictive little arcade game which
has been described as a kind of cross between Centipede and Pac-Man. The
playing field is dynamic - it's almost a living thing which is ever
changing and forcing you to keep your wits about you. It's got cute colour
graphics, fast & furious game play (things SPEED UP as your score
increases), and lots of funky, noisy little sounds.

You are OG, a chubby little creature with a backback. To move him around,
use the arrow keys or the keypad ("8" for up, "2" for down, "4" for left,
"6" for right.) You can also specify a custom keyboard setup. To STOP the
OG, press the spacebar (or any other unassigned key.)

Note: Consult the ONLINE HELP for an in-depth look at Breaker and how to
play it.

Breaker is shareware. If you like the game, you're encouraged to
contribute $10.00 in US or Canadian funds. (Or, just send me your
comments!) Please let me know what version of Breaker you're running, and
what kind of system you're running it on. Write to this address:

Tom Spreen
c/o 1567 Brodick Cres.
Victoria, B.C.

Or e-mail me: [email protected]

Thanks, and enjoy the game!

[Archived as /info-mac/game/arc/breaker-103.hqx; 380K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 03:03:18 -0700
From: [email protected] (Horst Prillinger)
Subject: [*] BulkRate FAQ 2.5h (german)

here is the new German version of the BulkRate FAQ which I promised a few
days ago, when I posted the English version. This one replaces version

May I remind users that the BulkRate FAQ WWW site is

and that there is now a BulkRate mailing list on the Internet. To
subscribe, send an email with the subject "subscribe" to


[Archived as /info-mac/comm/info/bulk-rate-faq-25h-de.hqx; 19K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 21:55:02 -0800
From: [email protected] (David Snowdon)
Subject: [*] Call Wait No More

Call wait no more is a piece of software for mas which allows you turn
Call Waiting on and off simply and effectively

Freeware by concussive.


[Archived as /info-mac/comm/call-wait-no-more.hqx; 225K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 00:59:12 -0700
From: [email protected] (Jordan Pinsker)
Subject: [*] CD Label Printer 1.0.1.

Prints Computer CD labels on plain paper! Very useful. PowerPC and
680x0 Native.

Pictures can be added to the labels. Prints in Color.

Version 1.0.1 addresses the following issues:

* Fixed oversized printing bug: some printer drivers said they could
print at up to 1500 dpi when this was obviously false. Labels now print
at a normal size.
* Fixed spelling in ReadMe file.
* Fixed cause of a possible type -4 error.
* Added Color Icon.

[Archived as /info-mac/app/cd-label-printer-101.hqx; 34K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 00:59:40 -0700
From: [email protected] (Thomas Cunningham)
Subject: [*] Charting Coach 1.6

Introducing an alternative to contraception and contraceptives. No more
pills, condoms, IUDs, Norplant or DepoProvera. Learn the 100% natural
Ovulation Method of NFP. Its 99% effective when used properly

[Archived as /info-mac/app/charting-coach-16.hqx; 912K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:21:42 -0800
From: [email protected] (Christoph Schaffhauser)
Subject: [*] Chris Aaron/Kaleidoscope Patch v.1.1.0

Chris Aaron/Kaleidoscope Patch replaces the Icons in the Aaron/Kaleidoscope
extension with my own folder Icons.

Enjoy Chris

Christoph Schaffhauser Tel: +41 (0)61 751 23 42
DarkEagle Software EMail: [email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/gui/chris-kaleidoscope-patch-11.hqx; 19K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:40:02 -0600
From: (Arthur Choung)[email protected]
Subject: [*] commodore-64-2.3

Macintosh port of VICE, the Versatile Commodore Emulator for UNIX machines.
Emulates the Commodore 64 with support for T64 and D64 files. Requires a
PPC processor.


[Archived as /info-mac/app/commodore-64-emulator-23.hqx; 171K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:56 -0800
From: [email protected] (Technical Support, Stalker Software, Inc.)
Subject: [*] CommuniGate FaxGate 1.9.5

The FaxGate is a CommuniGate communication module supporting fax messaging.
It converts messages to the fax format and sends them to remote fax machines.
The module can receive incoming faxes and route them as messages to the

The module is multi-line, i.e. it can support several fax lines

When installed together with the Voice Gate, FaxGate can route incoming faxes
to any recipient (locally or over e-mail), it can implement fax-on-demand and
other fax-center features.

The FaxGate supports Class 2 and Class 2.0 fax modems connected via serial
ports. Make sure that your modem really supports Class 2 or Class 2.0 faxing
before you try it with FaxGate. Many old fax modms support fax Class 1 only.

To compose and send messages as faxes, you can use not only the CommuniGator
application, but also the print driver "FaxSender".

The latest version can be obtained at:

Updates since last posted
* When processing the *.faxconv addresses, the "remote-printer.user" name is
generated instead of the name "X" to provide compatibilities with
non-CommuniGate "" (free fax) servers.
* "*.facs" domain domains are supported in the same manner as "*.fax" to
allow redirecting only certain numbers to local FaxGate (and its fax
modems) while other fax messages are routed to some other, external

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/communigate-fax-gate-195.hqx; 72K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 01:00:04 -0700
From: [email protected] (Technical Support, Stalker Software, Inc.)
Subject: [*] CommuniGate SMTPGate 2.0.1

The SMTPGate is a CommuniGate communication module supporting E-mail message
transfer using the SMTP and ESMTP Internet protocols (RFC821, RFC1425) via
TCP/IP networks. Besides, it supports receiving E-mail even via dial-up
connections - by means of wake-up E-mails and/or the Remote Queue Starting
procedure described in RFC1985 (in both client and server modes). MIME (RFC
1341) support and various attachment encoding methods are provided within the
CommuniGate Server kernel itself.

The SMTPGate module supports multi-stream communications, and it can send
messages to and receive messages from several other hosts simultaneously.

The SMTPGate module can work together with POPGate module providing complete
TCP/IP Internet E-mail services.

The SMTPGate module can work together with UUCPGate module providing both
TCP/IP and UUCP Internet E-mail. The CommuniGate Router takes care of
directing messages to the proper gate.

The latest version of the SMTPGate can be obtained from:

Updates since last posted:

Revision History
* Support for dial-up connections in the OpenTransport-native mode.

* Complete redesign of the low-level communication submodule, native
OpenTransport implementation (if the OpenTransport TCP is installed).
* Support for DNR searches (when working under OpenTransport) in addition to
the "Foreign mail server" operation mode.
* Queue management changed to employ the CommuniGate Server 2.4 routines.
* Detailed error reporting (now includes the receiving server error messages).

* Support for RFC1425 (ESMTP) and RFC1985(Remote Queue Starting) is

* Redesign of MacTCP reading scheme.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/communigate-smtp-gate-201.hqx; 51K]


Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 23:14:46 -0700
From: [email protected] (Francois Pottier)
Subject: [*] Edit JFIF Comment 1.0.2

This a small application to change the text comments found
in JFIF (i.e. JPEG) files. It's lossless, and scriptable, so
it can work on many files at once. Freeware.

Francois Pottier
[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/gst/grf/edit-jfif-comment-102.hqx; 118K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 21:55:29 -0800
From: [email protected] (Jimmy Hoffa)
Subject: [*] Empower 2.1

Sneaky little way to bypass At Ease 4.0 and lower, FoolProof, On Guard,
and zillions of others. Gosh I'm sneaky... ;)
Should work on Classics on up w/ hypercard
Calypso & The Apothecary

[Archived as /info-mac/app/empower-210.hqx; 30K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 03:03:20 -0700
From: [email protected] (Andreas Prilop)
Subject: [*] eudora-thai 1.0.2

These Eudora tables enable you to send and read e-mail in Thai.
They can be used with any version of Eudora.
Supported character sets are:
MacThai, ISO-8859-11 (Unix), Code Page 874 (DOS and Windows).

Fonts are not included. If you need Thai fonts, please refer to

Version 1.0.1 got lost somehow - so here is version 1.0.2
with additional hints for trouble-shooting.

I give permission to include my package on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/mail/edr/eudora-thai-102.hqx; 12K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:42 -0800
From: [email protected] (cjk)
Subject: [*] Farkle 1.1

A dice game involving scoring combinations of dice, and risking points to
reach the goal before your opponents. One to four players, including
computer opponents.

[Archived as /info-mac/game/farkle-11.hqx; 26K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:23:15 -0800
From: [email protected] (cjk)
Subject: [*] FnsBorf 1.2

Encrypts any text file using a random seed, and decrypts it using the
exact same seed. Quite nifty. Very useful if you want to encrypt a
small file you wish to e-mail a friend.

[Archived as /info-mac/cmp/fns-borf-12.hqx; 18K]


Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 23:16:05 -0700
From: [email protected] (Richard Cross)
Subject: [*] Foobar vs. the DEA v1.0 - an arcade game

Foobar has been pushed too far. Help him take on the forces of the
tyranical DEA. Rescue his boyfriend Ned from DEA's mind control camp
for drug offenders.

Foobar plays like Xevious. You get the complete game Foobar vs. the
DEA. It has 4 levels that should keep even the most skilled gamer busy
for hours. Play Foobar. Give it to your friends. If you like it, you
can send $20 for Foobar vs. the FCC and Foobar vs. His Local School
Board. We need your money.

You can find out more at
We have copies of the program, updates, and a
Foobar FAQ.

Foobar requires 2 Meg of free memory, a 256 color monitor, and an LC
III(68030) or faster computer.

[email protected]
[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/game/arc/foobar-vs-the-dea-10.hqx; 1337K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:39:59 -0600
From: (Andreas Wuertz)[email protected]
Subject: [*] FreePPP D1 2.5v2

This is the third German version of the popular PPP extension FreePPP. Andy
Wuertz proudly presents: FreePPP D1-2.5v2. The installer (Internet Setup
Monkey) is not the same version as in FreePPP US-2.5v2, because I couldn't
get their latest version in time. I hope you won't have any problems with
that. As soon as I get it, I will produce a D2-2.5v2 version of FreePPP.

If you find localization problems, contact me at: Andy Wuertz
Im Tiergarten 6a
CH-8055 Zuerich
email:[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/conn/free-ppp-d1-25v2-de.hqx; 466K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 13:54:12 -0600
From: (Christopher Li)[email protected]
Subject: [*] GoHTML 1.7J - Japanese Version

This the Japanese Version of the GoHTML extension

GoHTML is a very small extension (10K) for use with Netscape's Navigator or
Microsoft's Internet Explorer. GoHTML adds a keyboard shortcut to your
browser to go to your HTML Editor.

GoHTML adds an icon menu to the browser's menubar. The icon represents your
preferred HTML Editor. You can now switch to your HTML Editor with a
keyboard shortcut (Command-E). With this new command you can now switch
back to your editor fast after you have previewed your HTML source.

Check the latest news about your HTML Editor by going to its Home Page via
a menu command.

And when you have finished your HTML editing and preview, choose Quit
Browser And Editor to conveniently quit both applications or choose
Shutdown if you are completely ready. Use the Set Editor command to set
your preferred HTML Editor.

Christopher Li
Bridge 1 Software
English to Japanese Shareware Localization and Management [email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/text/html/go-html-17-jp.hqx; 19K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:47 -0800
From: [email protected] (Ed van Zon)
Subject: [*] Grand Chess - Yerevan 96, a compilation of games

A compilation of Grand Chess games played at the 32nd Chess Olympiad
in Yerevan, Armenia.

25 Chess masters, ranging from approximately 2250 to 2350 in ELO rating,
enjoyed themselves at the time, discovering Grand Chess, by Christiaan
Freeling. All their games were recorded and are presented here, written
in html and Java applets.

To learn more about Grand Chess, visit the Solar Software Home page
on the internet:

This package requires a Java enabled web browser, like Netscape
Navigator 3.0 or MS Internet Explorer 3.0. You don't have to be
connected to browse these Grand Chess Yerevan Games.

Have fun.

Ed van Zon Solar Software
[email protected]

If you like you may include the package on the Info-Mac CD-Rom.

[Archived as /info-mac/game/brd/grand-chess-yerevan-96-jv.hqx; 215K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:43 -0800
From: [email protected] (cjk)
Subject: [*] Jur 1.2

Run away!!! Run away!!! Ahem. Ok, it's you stuck in an endless
cavern. Your job: gather the eggs of the wild Jur, before the wild Jur
gather you. Jur uses a random maze generator so that every game is

[Archived as /info-mac/game/jur-12.hqx; 25K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:50 -0800
From: [email protected] (Chuck Shavit)
Subject: [*] LogoMation 1.1.3 -- A Programming Language and Environment

[LogoMation 1.1.3 [25-Oct-95] is a maintenance release, replacing 1.1.2]

Are you interested in an introduction to computer programming? LogoMation
is programming language that you can learn all by yourself.

Or perhaps you are an experienced programmer, and just want to find out
what LogoMation is all about and what can be done with it.

LogoMation is used by individuals at home, in schools, and in universities.
It has registered users in the North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Version 1.1.3 runs on 68020-based Macs and higher. It runs in native mode
on PowerPC. The package comes complete with a tutorial, a reference manual
and many examples.

LogoMation is not Logo.


You are welcome to include the LogoMation 1.1.3 package, in its entirety,
on CD-ROMs.

[Archived as /info-mac/dev/logo-mation-113.hqx; 1200K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:23:18 -0800
From: [email protected] (Manfred Richter)
Subject: [*] Mac-HaBu

Very good for the privat User and Clubs, but also for small companies. Aids
bookkeeping by double-entry. Results can be presented with different graphics.
This is only a german language version. An english Version will come out soon.

[Archived as /info-mac/app/bus/mac-habu-34-de.hqx; 463K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:40:01 -0600
From: (Antreas P. Hatzipolakis)[email protected]
Subject: [*] MathEg 5.0

MathEg v. 5.0 : This is a DocMaker format stand-alone document containing a
collection of mathematicians epigrams.

Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/art/math-eg-50.hqx; 289K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:39:58 -0600
From: (Andrew Lee)[email protected]
Subject: [*] McTWILIGHT 2.1.0 r1

McTWILIGHT 2.1.0 r1
(c)1996 Andrew LEE

TwiLIGHT ONE is a text-based virtual world on the Internet, bringing
together ideas and concepts from MUDS, Talkers and Electronic meeting
systems. TwiLIGHT ONE is a medium for socialisation or serious
collaborative work and electronic conferencing.

McTWILIGHT brings TwiLIGHT ONE and other worlds into your reach seamlessly
>From a Macintosh computer. Enter and Experience...

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/mctwilight-210r1.hqx; 580K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:23:05 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] Netscape 3.0 Make-Over

This is for Netscape Navigator 3.0.

This little guy will change the fuzzy purple icons on your
buttons to cleaner looking ones, give you a new Netscape startup splash
screen, and several other nice little changes. A Patch for the other
versions of Nestscape is also available, if you don't see them around you
can e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you a copy. Virus checked with
Disinfectant and Virex.

Netscape Make-Over may be included on a CD-ROM, provided:
1) It is not modified in any way.
2) This ReadMe file is included in the same folder.
3) I am notified and receive a copy of any CD-ROM on which it appears.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/web/ntscp/netscape-30-makeover.hqx; 85K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:23:09 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] Netscape Gold 3.0 Make-Over

This is for Netscape Navigator 3.0 Gold
This little guy will change the fuzzy purple icons on your
buttons to cleaner looking ones, give you a new Netscape startup splash
screen, and several other nice little changes. A Patch for the other
versions of Nestscape is also available, if you don't see them around you
can e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you a copy. Virus checked with
Disinfectant and Virex.

Netscape Make-Over may be included on a CD-ROM, provided:
1) It is not modified in any way.
2) This ReadMe file is included in the same folder.
3) I am notified and receive a copy of any CD-ROM on which it appears.

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/web/ntscp/netscape-gold-makeover.hqx; 93K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:23:11 -0800
From: [email protected] (Tracy Valleau)
Subject: [*] OT/PPP Toggle

This is an AppleScrip Applet that toggles the Open Transport PPP between
connected and disconnected. Double-click to run or hook up a QuickKey to it.
Requires OT/PPP and OT 1.1.1.


Tracy Valleau, ACM

[Archived as /info-mac/comm/inet/conn/ppp-toggle.hqx; 6K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:21:53 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] pirayas X-FILE complete set

4U, the COMPLETE SET of "pirayas X-FILES icons".
You have my permission to use them for your own private pleasure
(e-mail-ware). You=B4re not supposed to publish these icons in any way,
unless you=B4ve got my permission to do so.
(Okay to put on CDs) Pleeze do not give away without this ReadMe!
-If you decide to use these icons I would appreciate your

=A9Maria Lindhgren./PIRAYA design.

e-mail adress: [email protected]

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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 23:13:54 -0700
From: [email protected] (Ross Brown)
Subject: [*] Print to Mail 1.1

Print to Mail is a bridge between the printing and mailing
functions of Mac OS. Any application that can print to paper can
now print directly to PowerTalk (AOCE) mail - which can go to
another PowerTalk user, a PowerShare server account, or any
destination for which you have a PowerTalk gateway, including fax
machines and Internet (SMTP) mail addresses.

Print to Mail is an extension for the Print2Pict virtual print
driver, a separate product also available from info-mac.

Package documentation includes a brief read-me, on-line help,
and Balloon Help for dialogs.

$10 shareware.

Ross Brown
AWOL Software Productions
[email protected]

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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:21:41 -0800
From: [email protected] (Allan Wissner)
Subject: [*] QS-Edit 1.05

QS-Edit 1.05 is a query structure editor created for the Macintosh
computer that provides a graphical front end to the CAS Online Registry
and Beilstein databases. A query structure drawn with this program is
converted to the commands needed by the CAS Online computer to interpret
the query. The program has been designed to be used with any terminal
program. Full documentation is included.

[Archived as /info-mac/sci/qs-edit-105.hqx; 124K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:23:17 -0800
From: [email protected] (Bradley S. Pliner)
Subject: [*] Quitter 1.4.1

Quitter is a simple Appletalk utility. Great for network administrators.
It allows you to remotely quit apps running on other Macs.
It also allows you to restart or shutdown remote Macs.
Also use Quitter to safely quit the Finder on the local Mac.
Simple chooser-like interface.

Quitter 1.4.1 is $15 shareware.

Permission granted for inclusion of Quitter 1.4.1 on the Info-Mac CD.

[Archived as /info-mac/cfg/quitter-141.hqx; 23K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 21:54:58 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] RandomNotes 1.0

RandomNotes 1.0 creates random sequences of user-selected pitches.
The length of the sequence is determined by the user; the notes are entered =
an on-screen keyboard. A selection of sampled sounds can be used for playbac=

"Freeware" =A9 1996 by Kurt Kaufman
[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/gst/snd/random-notes-10.hqx; 490K]


Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 23:16:50 -0700
From: [email protected] (Matt Pallakoff)
Subject: [*] Retrieve It! 2.5 Demo for Macintosh

Retrieve It! 2.5 is a cool new Macintosh utility that lets you search the
Internet *and* your hard drive.

It works with your browser to provide short cuts to powerful online
search services like AltaVista, InfoSeek, Yahoo, PCQuote, Four11, and
others. You can search the World Wide Web, online news sources,
classified ads and Usenet -- and lookup stock quotes, email addresses,
and other online information -- all about twice as fast as using your web
browser directly. And you can search through hundreds of files on your
hard drive in seconds to find the ones that mention the words or phrases
you specify. Vist for the full story.

This demo version of Retrieve It! 2.5 is just like the full version,
except it only lets you use a couple World Wide Web search services, and
it only lists the first two found files for any given hard drive search.
This package includes an online help file and a good readme file.

MVP Solutions
[email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/disk/retrieve-it-25-demo.hqx; 199K]


Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:39:56 -0600
From: (Antennahead Industries, Inc.)[email protected]
Subject: [*] ShatterBat 1.0.0 -- cool 3D game!

RICHMOND, VA -- OCTOBER 2, 1996 -- Antennahead Industries, Inc. rolled out
their new title ShatterBat today, setting a new standard for quality and
technological performance in the Macintosh shareware market. Featuring
fast- paced arcade shooting action in a surreal, gravityless, 3D texture-
mapped environment, ShatterBat combines great gameplay with state-of-the-
art graphics.

"Like all the games that have become classics, ShatterBat's basic premise
is simple -- shoot the bats, avoid the Big Giant Head, get the powerups,
and beat the clock," says designer Andrew Meggs. "But in that simplicity
lies the elegance of it, and as the pace quickens, the game really draws
you in. When we were developing it, there were times when I literally had
to grab the mouse away from testers so I could finish putting the game

Other players were a bit less technical about it. "You mean this is
shareware? I can just go download it? I'm there!" said one victim of an
early preview.

In addition to the great gameplay, ShatterBat shows some of the best
graphics to hit the Mac market in a while -- high-performance true 3D
texture-mapped polygons in a six degree of freedom world, the annoyingly
graceful flight of swarm upon swarm of evil robotic bats, and the ever-
present Mister Bob are all right in your face for big-time first-person
action! Don't stop there, though, because you also get high-quality stereo
sound and a funky soundtrack, all for the low shareware price of only $12!

See for yourself where the action is! Visit Antennahead Industries, Inc.'s
web site at today to get your full, uncrippled
copy of ShatterBat and see all the other great toys we make, or find it
wherever you like to get your shareware games. ShatterBat runs on all 68040
machines with floating-point ability, and plays insanely great on

Antennahead Industries, Inc. -- a recognized leader in supplying high-
performance 3D graphics code to game designers -- is moving aggressively
into the Macintosh game market with commercial and shareware titles.

For more information, visit our web site at or
Andrew Meggs, [email protected]
Bill Conner, [email protected]

Antennahead Industries, Inc.
10211 Windbluff Drive
Richmond, VA 23233-3822
Vox: 804.740.2729
Fax: 804.740.9697

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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:21:54 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: [*] SndSampler 3.2.1

Version 3.2.1 is the latest and greatest release of SndSampler, the
ultimate Macintosh sound tool. It is specifically designed for
discriminating users who want to create sounds for use with other
applications. You can just have a lot of fun with it, too! It's easy enough
for the beginner, yet sophisticated enough for the professional. Not to
mention that it's extremely compact: it won't take up a lot of disk space,
and it won't require a RAM upgrade just to launch it. Here are some of
SndSampler's more salient features:

- Supports 8 and 16-bit, mono/stereo, sample rates up to 64 kHz
- Native file formats: System 7 sound file, AIFF, AIFF-C
- Extracts/saves sound resources from/to any file or application
- Allows you to record sound data directly to your hard drive so you can
create sounds that are bigger than RAM
- Allows segmenting of AIFFs to facilitate working on sounds that are
bigger than RAM
- Imports/exports: Sun/NeXT .au, WAVE, QuickTime movies, CD audio tracks,
raw audio
- Any file of any type may be imported as raw audio using a wide variety of
- Sun/NeXT and WAVE file handling doesn't rely on QuickTime or the Sound
Manager (QuickTime can be quirky in these areas)
- Features extensive batch processing capabilities: just drop all 800 files
you want to downsample (for example) onto SndSampler's icon while holding
down the cmd key
- Allows synching of sounds to QuickTime movies and provides other
movie-editing features
- Compression: MACE 3:1, MACE 6:1, ulaw 2:1, IMA 4:1
- ulaw 2:1 de/compression doesn't rely on QuickTime or the Sound Manager
(Apple's ulaw codec is buggy)
- Can open up to 70 sounds at once
- Includes special code to make the Pro Audio Spectrum PAS16 sound card
work correctly
- Many effects: echo, reverb (two types), chorus, flange, pitch bend, etc.
- Dynamic pan allows you to make a sound travel from one stereo field to
the other while it is playing
- Fully-functional undo
- Extensive user's guide in RTF format
- Has been certified "blind friendly"
- Doesn't take up a lot of disk space (under 500K!)
- Doesn't waste RAM on fancy graphics

May be included on info-mac CD-ROM.

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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:48 -0800
From: [email protected] (Adrian Gudas)
Subject: [*] SPAM 5.0 Text-adventure maker

SPAM is a simple text-adventure maker (Single Player Adventure for the
Macintosh). Frusterated with TADS or AGT? This is as basic as you can
get. The manual is only about one page long!

Requires: Any Mac (I mean *ANY* Mac)
Fee: Freeware

[Archived as /info-mac/game/adv/spam-50.hqx; 27K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:45 -0800
From: [email protected] (Steve Goldberg-ESG001)
Subject: [*] The Third Dimension v1.2

Corrected problem when switching applications.

The goal is to place three dimensional pieces so that they create
horizontal surfaces. As the pieces fall, you may move them left, right,
front, and back. You can also rotate them around the front, side, or top
axis. When you make a horizontal surface, it collapses and the cubes above
move down. You score each time a piece can fall no further, or you complete
a horizontal surface. The value will depend on the difficulty of the
settings your using.
The piece movements can be controlled by clicking Icons on the board, or
using the keyboard. You can use one or both methods during any game.
To aid in your visualization of the third dimension, the falling pieces
cast shadows on the walls and the floor. If a cube is between the falling
piece and the board surface, the shadow is cast on the cube. Shadows only
partially visible or invisible tell you where the cubes of the piece are in
the three dimensional view.
The number of cubes in a board may be changed in all three dimensions.
Higher levels of difficulty have the pieces drop faster, and more complex
pieces are added to the ones used.
The game will work on gray scale and color capable computers.

[Archived as /info-mac/game/the-third-dimension-12.hqx; 257K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 21:55:15 -0800
From: [email protected] (David Gillies)
Subject: [*] Tiny Cipher 1.2.1

This Binhexed archive contains a Stuffit archive of
Tiny Cipher 1.2 by David Gillies, a Macintosh Implementation
of Needham and Wheeler's Tiny Encryption Algorithm. This is
a cipher that is as strong as DES (perhaps stronger), but
runs three (or more) times faster. (c) David Gillies 1995-6

It incorporates several new features, as well as fixing a nasty
bug in the folder processing routines, and completely supersedes version

[Archived as /info-mac/cmp/tiny-cipher-121.hqx; 71K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:22:51 -0800
From: [email protected] (Gerry Wiseman)
Subject: [*] Ultimate Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner

The Ultimate Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner is a unique Filemaker 3.0 (shareware)
template designed to make organizing and planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah a
great deal easier. It covers just about all of the many details involved in
making that special day a sucess. Please check out its many features. If
you like it, send me your check or cash in the amount of $20.00 and I will
send you the password which will enable you to use it, by either e-mail or
snail mail. Thanks,
Gerry Wiseman
P.O. Box 262
Phoenix, MD 21131 USA

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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:21:40 -0800
From: [email protected] (Michael Lee)
Subject: [*] Web Calendar 1.0

Web Calendar is an application used to make "calendar like" HTML
(HyperText Markup Language) Tables for use on your web page. This
current early release lets you insert text entries for certain dates
which will appear in a cell of the table. Later features will be
incorporated in future releases. It is not really a calendar
manager/program however, so don't be confused.

Please read the documentation for more info.

Released as IfYouCanPayWare :-) (It's in the docs)

Michael Lee - [email protected]

[Archived as /info-mac/text/html/web-calendar-10.hqx; 55K]


Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:21:51 -0800
From: [email protected] (Branden Barber)
Subject: [*] Whammy! Destop Patterns

Whammy! Destop Patterns. This is a set of 20 groovy desktop patterns
for the Mac. Works just fine with System 7.5.X. Change the color of your
day. Mail 'em to a friend. Be kind to animals. Enjoy! [email protected]

This file may be included on the commercially available CD-ROM of the

[Archived as /info-mac/gui/txtr/whammy-patterns.hqx; 378K]


Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 23:17:30 -0700
From: [email protected] (Peter Hardman)
Subject: [*] WWWStat4Mac 1.4

Here is the latest version of WWWStat4Mac. The most feature packed
Webserver log analyser available on the internet.

Summary of WWWStat4Mac Features.

Processes WebStar and Common Log format Logs Automatically. No need to
recompile or reconfigure.

Automatic Processing. Set WWWStat4Mac to process your chosen log file at a
fixed time each day or at a repeat interval, for example every two hours.

Drag and drop processing. Automatically processes log files that are
dropped onto it. No need for reconfiguration or for recompilation.

Fast. A typical file is processed at about 200 lines/second on a PowerMac
7200/90 with a set of basic options. Ultra fast when coupled with the
powerful caching features that mean only the changes to a file need
processing when it is processed later.
DNS resolving of unresolved names. If your server doesn't resolve the DNS
names then let WWWStat4Mac do it for you. Powerfull DNS caching means that
once a name has been looked up it won't need looking up again!
FAT Binary application, will run native on ANY Macintosh running System 7
or later.
Macintosh user interface for choosing, processing and saving files. Runs in
the background.
A Powerfull but flexible and simple to use, set of text based options. This
allows for rapid editing and customisation with a simple text editor.
A wealth of options available to help in log processing, including powerful
filtering and alias features. For example exlude all gif files from the
statistics with one simple command "exclude_file *.gif".
HTML output. Either a simple text version, or a more sophisticated TABLE
output with graphs and graphics.
Many different sections giving information on domains,sites,files, and
Many traffic options including hour of day, day of week,month of year and
Full range of sorting options for all of the data. Sort your statistics by
date/number of accesses/number of bytes transfered/ number of visits/name.
Uses the SIVC Engine. The latest in internet version control software. You
are told when a new version is available automatically. Download updates
with the click of a button.
All this for the extremely reasonable Shareware fee of $10. You'll find it
hard to find another application (commercial or sharware) with this many

email [email protected]

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