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Re: disks, copy prot., etc.

Postby Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 10:16 pm

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From: John Clark
I believe as you do: copy protection is a disgusting affront to the user.
I will go to considerable lengths to find alternatives to copy-protected
software, or, failing that, to circumvent protection as necessary to
preserve my investment and ensure minimal usability.

Certainly there must be ample evidence in the marketplace of software
companies that thrive without relying on copy protection. I am happy to
pay for good copyable software, even when I can (and sometimes do) get it
for free. I want to support the companies that produce such software, and
do my part to encourage more of the same. Invariably when I have done
this, I have received good, sometimes outstanding, support in return. I
reciprocate by keeping backups to myself. As an aside, I once made an
exception to this policy, at the encouragement (!) of the software author.
I was given a copy of an Apple ][ fast-load utility called Diversi-DOS. A
message on the diskette said to distribute copies freely, with the caveat
that, if you got a copy and intended to use the software, you were
requested to register with the author and send in a $30 fee--all on the
"honor system." I was so astounded by this brash marketing technique, and
impressed with the software, that I complied. I was rewarded with
outstanding service, including several major upgrades at a mere $5 each.

Incidentally, if you find out what StartUpScreen (at one time called
BootScreen, I understand), Inited, and Bozo mean, post the answers to the
bboard; I, too, would like to know. Thanks.

John Clark
[email protected]

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