Sargon chess program on Macintosh

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Sargon chess program on Macintosh

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 10:15 pm

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Subject: Sargon chess program on Macintosh
Date: Sun, 8-Jul-84 01:06:04 EDT
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Posted: Sun Jul 8 01:06:04 1984
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Hayden Software should be releasing Sargon III for the Macintosh in
6-8 weeks. This program is a revitalized version of the Sargon III
running on the Apple II and various other personal computers. It is
written in 68000 assembly language and has a 2-dimensional graphics
board with the usual Macintosh menu interface system.

While Sargon III on the 8-bit machines is not particularly impressive
in strength compared to the other Spracklen programs (Elite and
Prestige) that are hardwired in chess units, Sargon III on the
Macintosh *is* reputed to be quite impressive because of the
throughput. Elite and Prestige are rated approximately 1800 and 1875
respectively. They run on 6502's at 2 and 4 mhz.

The current issue of Macworld has a Hayden ad that says the Sargon
III/Mac combination beat a weak human master in over-the-board rated
play and vaguely implies that it is the strongest program running on a
micro. Whether this includes the hardwired units is problematical.

No doubt matches between Prestige/Elite and Sargon III/Mac will be
arranged. Prestige is considered the top micro program by 1/2 to a full
USCF class interval over other micro programs.