legal disclaimers in software...

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legal disclaimers in software...

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 11:18 pm

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Subject: legal disclaimers in software...
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From: William "Chops" Westfield
Ya know, a lot of this discussion took place on info-micro
about a month back, but people keep bringing up those disclaimers
that all software seems to have. Folks, this isnt so that
publishers can foist off non-working software on inocent users.
Not usually anyway. The purpose is to prevent (say) AT&T from
getting sued if a person accidently types 'rm * tmp' and wipes
out all his files. This is analagous to film processers being
liable for only the cost of your roll of film.

I recomend that everyone read a book on selling software to
get an idea of what is on the other side. "legal care of your
software" by Dan Remmer is quite good.