new macsbug uses window instead of tty

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new macsbug uses window instead of tty

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 11:18 pm

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Subject: new macsbug uses window instead of tty
Date: Tue, 3-Jul-84 19:00:34 EDT
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Posted: Tue Jul 3 19:00:34 1984
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From: Bill Croft
Apple has given us a new version of Macsbug that interacts through a
window at the bottom of the screen. As you recall, the Macsbug distributed
with the Workshop 2.0 requires an external tty on the line printer port.

The new Macsbug is archived on SUMEX (FTP login: anonymous) on You must retrieve it with "tenex" or "type l 8"
FTP mode, since it is an 8 bit file. After transfering it to your local
UNIX, download it with "macput -d macsbug". Note that this is a program,
but it's in the data fork (not resource fork). I assume you have read the
previous note on info-mac concerning use of Macsbug.

After downloading, you should remove or rename any older debuggers ("xMacsbug"
or "Disassembler") that you had on your disk. The new Macsbug has the
disassembler built in, so it is wasteful to load Disassembler twice.
The new Macsbug is probably slightly larger than the old Macsbug+Disassembler,
and it can't be split off from the disassembler if you're really tight on space.